The Great Writer’s Bloc

Well, Here i am sitting in front of my wide screen Samsung monitor, logged into my Editor account at Zhagdoo. Thinking that do i deserve to be an editor? no post for almost a year “My last was dated 9 February 2008” Talking about then hot issue Racism. Go give it a read Are Indians Racist.

See you people can not say that i was dead for this long, i was very much alive as i regularly commented and also tried to justify my role as editor over here, but i was badly smitten by Writer’s Bloc. Now i have decide to break out this bondage and write something. Alright i know i promised a lot of things in my previous posts like a much old Series which i started…Muslims and Mulaah’s though i started it but the second version never arrived, believe me i tried to jot down my thoughts and write something about it but almighty had other plans.

Then i once after that Terrible Mumbai Thing Read Vaibhav’s post about it tried my hand at fiction drafting a imaginary story about a accused Muslim jehadi, though i wrote down a couple of pages about it but never finished that so could not post.

Meanwhile there was lot of things happening at Zhagdoo, like the brand new categories like Travel Log, i also had a couple of holidays and thought of reporting them here but again i am only good at thinking.Though i could have posted some pics, but you see i am an old procrastinator
Well talking about new sections how could i miss the new category College Days though it has been bit old now but you all know i am writing this thing after a year;-). Whenever i read any write up in this category, i thought within myself come on you have seen these days and you should also write about this, but the voice within never reached out.

I know i am talking absolutely rubbish, but i want to break out of this “Great Writer’s Bloc”. Though i do not want to post this in Ephemera but my job as Editor is to ensure it goes in that Scrap Box.

3 thoughts on “The Great Writer’s Bloc”

  1. If you are hit by the writer’s bloc, then it means you belong to the sect!!! that is something to feel happy about… but you know what? the day you accept that you are hit by writer’s bloc, it is over that day itself; another reason to feel happy about!!! 😛

  2. i know mate…and i know i belong to a special sect of writers….
    The most privileged sect one of those whot thinks they can write but are so lazy that they do not try…

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