HK-Initial Sighting!!!

In the HONG KONG airport, until we reached the immigration desk, I was wondering if we were actually there. It was more sort of a dream sequence; but as soon as the immigration officer asked us to wait in a separate room alongwith some other people of particular sect [young males, all alone, first time in HONG KONG and above all Indians; fitting the perfect profile of you know what] the dream run was over.

While sitting in the immigration department, waiting for the officer to come and interrogate us about what actually we plan to do in HONG KONG; all the amusement, excitement and non belief died. Although the process was smooth the long wait of 2 hours was irritating. Nonetheless once out and at bro’s home all of it was long gone.

It was Saturday, 7th march; when we alongwith our cousin [Saturday and Sunday both my bro and Bhabhi have holidays from work] set out on the first HONG KONG excursion. The first stop after the city harbor was Stanley beach. My bro asked us to sit on the upper deck [of the double decker bus which run almost through entire HONG KONG] in order to get a good view of the city. He was showing us around and telling things about the locale, but after initial listening we lost him somewhere; and all we did during the 45 minute bus ride was sleep [hardly any sleep during the flight and then jet lag of complete two and a half hours. So much of a reason for a small 45 minute nap].

Stanley beach was fun with clear sand and cold water [due to recent rains the temperature had dropped and cold winds blowing made perfect hill station setting] and here we found out about our bro’s penchant with clicking pics [during the 9 days in HONG KONG we clicked around 1659 pics, out of which more than half, 842 to be precise were clicked on the first two days, all credit goes to our bro who kept on reminding us to click; to me clicking rarely comes to mind, and to be honest he actually has good sense about doing it as well]. Clicking is a big hobby with all HONG KONGites. They click themselves all the time, at every nook and corner of the city. Moreover barring few places clicking is not prohibited anywhere; unlike India, where everywhere you find written ‘yahan photo kheechna mana hai’ [photography is prohibited].

After Stanley next stop was Jumbo Kingdom; world’s largest floating sea food restaurant. Although we didn’t planned any dinner over there [except me everyone is strictly veggie; am also trying to go green and sea food is not my cup of tea either] but it is a nice place to visit. On our way back, we saw a would be couple getting clicked. In HONG KONG before tying the knot, would be bride and groom, roam all around the city [in their wedding dresses] with a photographer and gets clicked. It’s like a practice which all would be’s follow; these albums of theirs are nothing less than a master piece. So with them in our backdrop and cruise liner in theirs we also clicked few pics.

Sundays in HONG KONG has a different story to tell. In contrast to the 5 days of business suit clad westerners, this is the day of Philippine maids; all of them are on holiday and can be seen indulging in leisurely activities everywhere. When I say everywhere it actually means anywhere and everywhere. They are sitting on footpaths, walk over bridges, stairs, in the parks, outside the malls; the whole HONG KONG looks nothing less than New Delhi railway station; although a clean one [New Delhi railway station = over crowded, dirty, smelly place where people are free to do whatever and wherever they want to].

So the second day went pretty much on same note. We went on HONG KONG darshan, with our bro and Bhabhi; going to local places like Bauhinia square [monument dedicated to independence], avenue of stars [desi version of Hollywood’s walk of fame], watched symphony of lights [laser show happening every night] and getting acquainted with how things go about in HONG KONG as from tomorrow we would be on our own. . . . contd

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