My Country My Life

My country my life, is the title of Mr. Advani’s autobiography. The book was recently released in a function which was attended, by everyone from politicians to business men, to actors, to journalists and other socialites. The whole media world was ablaze with speculations regarding the book. Everyone was enthusiastically waiting for it, as all of them wanted to know as to what one of the main architect of modern day politics has to say about issues on which till date he was mum. The Jinnah episode, the Kandahar crisis, his relationship with Atalji, the man has so much to talk about. Although I still do not know as to how much the book beholds about all these?

The publisher of the book, Rupa said “in a country where political memoirs, especially by those who are still active in politics, are rare, this book is bound to be regarded as landmark” and going by all the fuss the book is creating right now it looks to be true.

Starting from the childhood days to joining the RSS, from independence and partition to NDA government, everything has been talked nicely. The uniqueness of the book lies in the fact that it traces the path of Indian politics over a period of 8 decades, but it is not a historian’s account infact that of a man who was an integral part of it.

To BJP’s delight and Congress’s dismay the book is a marvellous work as the author has successfully kept it away from any kind of controversy. Although congress did tried to create some noise about the disclosure in the book, that Advaniji was against release of terrorists and were informed about the government’s decision to do so at the very last moment. But all the noise died even before beginning. Mr. Fernandez came as their saviour and provided them with the much needed relief and ammunition to carry out their assault on the book. With the rechristening of the book as ‘My Country, My Life, My Lies’ by the congress it appears that the publicity stint of the book is still on.

The memoir is certainly an honest attempt of the author, but expecting it to be 110% truthful and that too from an active politician is just a little too much to ask for. Although I do not think there are any lies in the book, but Mr. Advani certainly has adopted the policy of evasion. A lot of things have been left unsaid, and many things are unsaid even after saying. This is certainly a trait of the book, which Advaniji has utilized very cleverly.

Although I am at very initial stage of read, but the style of writing is simple, good and fast paced. With almost 1000 pages, it is definitely a lengthy read, but than covering a span of 80 years in less than this, would have not been complete justice. Moreover dividing it in five phases and various chapters looks to make it convenient for the reader. The initial chapters are not high with the expected ammunition, but once the era after 80s begin, it is ought to get better and better.

By far means Mr. Advani is the most misunderstood person alive on the planet. Why is a matter of discussion? But I think that with book the will certainly change.

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