Juno. . .

The movie won Oscar for Best Writing, and was nominated for the best motion picture and best performance by an actress in a leading role, it says all about a movie which is comic, sarcastic, and dramatic and talks about a serious subject of teenage pregnancy.

Juno is the story of Juno MacGuff [Ellen Page], a 16 year old school girl who is not concerned about what the world has to say. She lives on her own terms and nobody dare question her. The movie begins with her pregnancy test showing positive result. This is the result of her one time encounter with her best friend Paulie Bleeker [Michael Cera]. They both like each other but are not exactly into girlfriend-boyfriend relation. What begins from here is a story of a girl who is thinking about what should she do with her baby and how she plans to do it?

In this task of hers she first thinks about abortion but finally decides to give her baby to a childless couple. Here enters a perfect couple of Mark [Jason Bateman] and Vanessa Loring [Jennifer Garner]. They have a perfect life, they own a beautiful house, and they have their studio photographs of happy times and stuff. And finally she decides to give her child to the perfect couple so that it is being looked properly. The rest of the movie show the how Juno and Mark struck a bond, how the perfectionist Vanessa is feeling and how the time is passing.


· It was the highest-grossing film of all five Best Picture Oscar nominees (2008).

· The initial title of the movie was Junebug. But it was changed to avoid confusion with a movie starring Amy Adams of the same title.

· The hamburger phone in the movie is of writer Diablo Cody and it can also be seen in Bleeker’s room.

· It is the first Fox Searchlight Pictures, movie to gross $100 million at the box office.

To talk about the characters, I just love Juno for being smart, bold, immature, vulnerable and sarcastic. The characterisation has been done so well that nothing seems to be wrong in it. Not just Juno but all the characters have been very well portrayed. In the 90 minutes of runtime each have their screen spaces and they perform when they are on screen.

The screenplay is marvellous. Scenes like Juno breaking her pregnancy news to her parents, Juno and her dad meeting the lovely couple for the first time, Juno’s stepmom defending her daughter from an over judgemental ultrasound technician and many more like these. They all are enjoyable and lovely to watch.

In a nut shell the movie deserved what it got and not for a single moment while watching it one gets bored. The weather is good and the weekend is here, plus we have a nice movie to see this week. Can not ask for anything more.

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