Rains, Games and Blames. . .

As I write this post, it is raining outside, and had it not been to these rains, I don’t think I would have ever written it. Its not that there is something exclusive to be written which I could have not improvised without the rains, but since the day I have started working I have completely become brain dead [guess this must explain the current inconsistency in writing, but will talk about that some other time]. Anyways, if you have followed the earlier posts, then you must be aware that I love rains, and as this year Delhi got more than plenty of its share, so I guess it is good enough reason to write another one, although not on or about rains, but with rains in it.

With plenty of rains this year, rain lovers like me couldn’t be happy anymore. For past two months almost every morning brought with it the spectacular gift of rains and it’s a pleasure wakening up to the sound of falling water. Yes most of the people do complain about the water clogged roads, inconvenience in day to day life and not to forget the ever rising level of river Yamuna and constant threat of floods; but what the hell, city is always in a mess anyways, so why not with rains, atleast the government will have something to blame for all the mess.

With rains being held responsible for all the mess, Delhi government has found an excuse to save their face in all the CWG fiasco. Every second day, the CM says games work is on full swing and it is because of the rains that we are getting delayed. Ya right! There have been continuous rains for the past 7 years and this is the reason why with less than two weeks to games the work is still not complete. What were you doing for the past seven years madam CM? Anyways there is no point in talking about our efficiency, we all know about it. But guess these rains are more of a blessing in disguise for us.

Let us face it, we will never be able to pull out successful games; no matter what the government, newspapers or anyone says, but in our heart we know all the athletes and tourists who will visit Delhi will go back with a bitter experience. This is not something I am presuming, but it is something I have experienced during my 24 years of life here. Everyday is a struggle, doesn’t matter if it is rude people always looking for reason pick up fights, or the pathetic conditions of the roads, or the endless traffic jams, or next to zilch safety, or every now and then happening bomb blasts and firings. If none of the above, then you simply can’t ignore disgust you feel at the garbage dump at the corner of every road and street; it appears as if the complete city is one big dust bin. If the common wealth games get cancelled then yes it will be a shameful fiasco for us, but if the games do happen somehow, then we will be more ashamed of our city and more importantly of ourselves.

So the nature has provided us with a simple solution [God really loves us]; with such heavy rains all government needs to do is ask the Haryana government to release some more water in Yamuna, and among the earliest affected areas of flood will be the CWG village, as it has been strategically built in the ‘Yamuna Bank’. With all the threat of floods looming over for two months, and controlled release of water just to affect the CWG village, there will be perfect excuse to cancel the games. There is flood! What can we do about it? It’s a natural calamity; no one can predict or fight it. Games cancelled, face saved and no one will blame us, what else could we ask for?

If not, then amidst all the dug up roads, traffic jams and shootouts, like the Delhi University’s hostel, in order to pull out games, the government might have to evacuate half of the city. Even then just like the non working and dirty toilets of the newly built, luxury CWG residential complex, these games will be a mess.

P.S. I don’t know why so much money has been spent on games, in a country where hardly anyone plays them, and those who plays them, ends up nowhere. The focus should have been on developing facilities for our players, to develop new talent and support them. Instead we pay Rs. 5 crores to Aishwarya Rai to dance at the ceremony; please let me know how our athletes and players will benefit from her dancing at the event. Perhaps a moral booster, like the Rs. 5 crore dull Rehman song.

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  1. Yeah! you r ryt!! on all facts but you can also include the Mani Shankar Iyers perspective since 2004.
    As he is always been opppsing these games since then.

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