Let us set some priorities. . .

I couldn’t have been more wrong, as I was in my last two posts. First yes, the Common Wealth Games are finally taking place as scheduled and that too in Delhi. Frankly speaking this is a surprise, a shock perhaps; I was not at all expecting it to happen, but keeping in mind our great capability of pulling of things at the last moment and of course the ever envious ‘Jugad’ technology which we have, anything is possible. Second the Babri Verdict is out and again it’s a big surprise for me, although a pleasant one. Lot of discussion and deliberation is going on the verdict and so many people are saying so many things; but I am not talking about it right now, it is about the CWG.

After a ‘spectacular’ ceremony everyone is very happy. All the anti commonwealth slogans have turned into praise and all the criticism is now words of encouragement. Our honorable CM now says Delhi can host Olympics; we will bid for the event. This is good; shows the enthusiasm and high spirits. But seriously Olympics!

As far as the spectacular opening ceremony goes, am not sure about others, but I found it very average. If by any chance you happen to have compared it with past ceremonies of Olympics etc. then you know what I mean. But if this was your first witnessing of such a ceremony then I won’t judge you, yes it was spectacular, just like the Rehman song is better than Shakira’s Waka Waka; but yes by Indian standards it was far better.

Going by the accounts of those who were present at the JNS the incomplete stadium completely lacked finishing touches and clearly showed signs of work completed in haste. But hey, what’s there in the details, atleast we managed to host them.

The Common Wealth Games cost us a whopping 77,000 crore Rupees; one question for which I have been dying to find an answer, till what extent and cost will we go to host events like these? It is all about setting the priorities; how can the government actually think of building luxury apartments for players, when the people here don’t have roof on their heads? How can the focus be on getting five star chefs for preparing world cuisines, when substantial chunk of the population still sleeps empty stomach? How can you think of illuminating the city when the lives of people living in it are one dark nightmare into the oblivion? How can you plan a Rs. 5 crore theme song when the music to people’s life is lost forever? But we are not concerned about these losers. Who cares for them? Afteral God help those who help themselves. But then again, how can one ceremony make up for the endless mistakes and blunders?

I am not against games and hosting them. One should do it. But the whole point behind the bigger and grander events is simple; it is a power show for the rich and wealthy those who don’t have anything better to do. But we have so much work to do right now. There are so many basic necessities to be built, so much development to be done in infrastructure, so much improvement in health and education is to be achieved. It is one luxury in which developing countries like Bharat cannot afford to indulge in and likewise they should not right now. But still we do. I just don’t see what is the point? Call me a cynic or whatever you like, it’s all about prioritizing, and as the games come to an end it is time we think for whom these common wealth games at the expense of common wealth are being organized; it is time we set some priorities. . .

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