Catch 10

This is ‘Catch-10’! You know you are in AIBS [AIBS stands for many things, one of which is Asia’s (biggest and largest) International Business School] but now its just Amity International Business School [not largest and biggest any more] when

  1. After one week of joining you know you are in a [Mis]management college. The way things are done by the college staff and management [teachers including] you know this is the most mismanaged management college. First the staff and management needs to learn what exactly management is and how to do it in a college.
  2. Your senior this year is your teacher next year. I guess college has some in-house placement policy for all the ‘hard working’ and ‘active’ students. These are the students who were running the complete ‘Industry Interaction Cell’ and Placements show for the whole year and were big shots during every event. That’s why college retained all the ‘real talent’ with itself.
  3. Students sit in the seminar hall and play cards. We all know about people sitting in parks [during winters off course] and playing cards for hours while sun bathing. This is relatively new activity here, students sit in seminar hall or tutorial room [whichever is free with a working AC] and indulge in the pleasure while AC bathing. In winters I guess the venue will shift to the ground.
  4. Teacher threatens to debar you [from final examinations] every second day. This is the next big thing to happen to you after taking admission here. You are told ‘I’ll debar you’ again and again and again on every mistake you make; there is no ending to this atleast in the 1st semester [coz after that you get to know the truth behind this threat].
  5. Students with 0% attendance are sitting in the final exams. This is the most funny and bizarre thing to happen, especially when the teacher was threatening you for the last 6 months that you will not be allowed to sit in final exams because your attendance is less than the stipulated 75% [even at 70% you are told so]. But when it comes to exams the teacher tells you the easy way out. Bring sponsorship for college events [read INBUSH] and they will manage something [this is how you get attendance, where they say we don’t entertain medical leave].
  6. There are no nationalistic celebrations. During the school days we celebrated all the festivals along with independence and republic day. In grad the celebrations were just confined to independence and republic day only. But here in MBA the only celebration that takes place is that of some corporate meet and event. Had it not been to compulsory holiday on independence and republic day, I guess we would not even realize that it is 15th August. Perhaps this is what being practical good managers mean.
  7. You have your first lecture at 9 in the morning and last at 6 in the evening; in between you are free for whole day. I have no explanation about it. Till date I have not understood what is the point behind making this kind of time table. After sitting ideal for some 3-4 hours no one is in mood to attend a lecture. Moreover what exactly are we supposed to do during this free time? Sitting in the library and studying is easier said then done, especially for me and that too in a library like ours. The closing time of library is 6 in the evening [when classes are on till 7 then why not library is?] and by 5:30 the library staff asks you to leave as it is closing time.
  8. With little rain the college auditorium doubles up as a swimming pool. In a declared drought year, the little rain which we received turned our complete auditorium in a swimming pool. I don’t know how and from where all the water managed to get in, but the end result was a submerged auditorium. With all the water, wet seats, broken and breaking wooden staircases [which resulted in falling students, one even had a fracture in leg; he should sue the college for it. But the college already has an affidavit from us that college is not responsible for any harm caused during classes or trips; college’s farsightedness] college actually opened it for conducting classes.
  9. You are threatened to your life for attending various meets. Although I’ve already talked about this old practice of teachers to threaten students in ‘Open Letter to DG’ but it was heights when during the 1st semester orientation the teachers were asking the seniors to go and sit in the auditorium [we are already well oriented with all college and DG has to say].

10.  You can score 100% marks in final examinations with an 80% attempt. This is by any means the best and the worst thing to happen here. Earlier I thought of not talking about it, but the ‘Catch-10’ will not be complete without it. Many students managed to score full 60 marks in many subjects in the End-sem written exams; nothing unusual about it. But many claim that they had not even attempted complete 60 marks paper. I would have not believed them had it been just one or two guys [you know how students like to down play it] but the number of such claimants is far too much to refute.

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