War a Solution ?

Almost a month has passed when , entire country witnessed the most severe and dramatic terrorist attacks in recent times . This time, pressure built in by media resulted in number of good events as Honorable  Home Minister Mr. Shivraj Patil[good for nothing] resigned , CP and DGP  Maharashtra face the heat, loopholes of lack of coordination  between IB, RAW [ both political spies, no one has time to work for country] went public and still one can listen new proceedings daily. The common man hopes, that this time some fixed solution to terrorism might occur and the reasons are right to some extent. News channels are continuously blowing air to keep the fire lighted. It was yesterday when I heard another of such effort , when a news channel gave a hint war can be way out of the world economic crisis . For such statement the channel gave a solid example from the past , the great depression of early 19th century was recovered by World War I .  Increase in military activities across the Indo-Pak border is no hidden secret and at this time such a statement can prove to be a boon ,not for countries involved but to the world .


I am strong supporter of Indo – Pak war as it is better to die with a reason than to die without it and that too every day. But to the misery of this nation and its politicians such a festival seems no near in coming future. Ok I agree Indian government cannot go for war at first on its own but Why the f___k ,they cant take strict measures within their own country ? . At least the government needs no approval for that form world.

 Bala saab Thakery suggest some measures to govt. if it really is serious to tackle this problems in his newspaper ”Saamna “ . Some of them are :-  banning all leaders that support Pakistan , stop all ongoing trade activities , stop train and bus services across borders. Not all but few that were mentioned in the local can be really effective.


Now the bigger question is that  “Does world really needs an Indo – Pak war on terrorism to come out of its financial crisis?” I don’t go by “Yes” or “No” but from the view point of the world [USA] it would be very productive , first it would prevent formation of another Afghanistan and second the war will create Demand , the demand which will help the world neutralize the financial crisis.

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