Misbehavior With Tourists

It is sad to notice that the sector recording maximum revenue, the tourism sector, has a bad side also. Don’t take me wrong as here I’m not talking about our guests who come to pay a visit in our country and want to explore more about our cultural heritage , but here I want to throw light on those who in spite of respecting them take advantage of their innocence and lack of awareness

If you are a Delhi-ite, and have often toured the street markets of Cannaught Place, Delhi namely Palika and Janpath (where usually every one shops from but no one accepts the fact), you will find many tourists hanging out in search of some good shopping options. I have experienced a case where I purchased a shawl costing Rs. 200 and the same was sold to a foreigner at 650rs. Strange!!Makes me think what is wrong with Indian sellers? Why can’t they value their money?

Also such an instance when can affect me so badly (despite being an Indian), imagine how adversely it speaks about the trustworthiness and loyalty of the India shopkeepers. in front of those who are strangers to out country. Also I have observed cases where few of the Indian families try it hard to catch the eye of a tourist moving around to just request a snap click. How weird? I feel like laughing when I see helpless expressions on the face of the tourist caught forcefully to just get a snap clicked. This was an amusing incident but was certainly an act of misbehavior if looked from that tourist’s point of view.

They are being deceived; they are robbed; they are made to pay high for whatever they are going to purchase, all this seems as if they are charged as a penalty of touring India. Poor they!! I have recently heard a case flashing the newspaper headlines that a tourist was murdered by thieves when he revolted against the robbery. Such a shame!!

I certainly don’t know how the ‘Atithi Devo Bhav’ advertisement featuring Aamir Khan is going to lessen down the cases of tourist misbehavior but yes, I think it will enlighten the those who are spectators at such incidence and will certainly get motivated to react and revolt.

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