Plagiarism – A threat to Originality

Plagiarism is the biggest threat to originality. There are some important fields that badly demand the element of creativity. Let’s take the example of Bollywood industry that has a number of plagiarists who are earning great name and fame. I don’t understand the fact in spite of being such big plagiarists why are they being so loved and appreciated by the crowd of millions.

The famous music director Anu Malik, is tagged as the biggest plagiarist who certainly doesn’t have the sense to master an original work. Adding to the list we have ‘Pritam Chakraborthy’ who is also a renowned music composer but lack the element of creativity and originality. they both are still earning good fame and their songs are rocking the charts.

We have plagiarist in each and every field. Be it the field of writing, music or movie production, copycats are found in countless numbers. I think the people who can’t promise a convincing and original work do not deserve to be a part of any creative industry or profession. I don’t find such people respecting the artistic contribution and are just working to earn good popularity and money.

Plagiarists often use the word ‘inspiration’ to mask their shameful act of using someone’s original contribution on their name. I think such people don’t have any respect for those who put their heart and soul in coming up with some appreciable original concepts. I’m not denying the fact that sometimes plagiarism is paid where the copyrights are purchased but at the end of the day the work cannot be tagged as creative and original.

Creativity is god gifted and every person is creative in one or other field. He is required to realize his strength areas and has to put in his best to take out the best of his work inspired from the original thought process. The plagiarists put in a lot of effort in copying and using the original images, sounds, concepts, write ups to mold them and launch them in their name. Such people are unaware of the fact that being popular with their genuine hard work has a different edge and pride.

The efforts they impart in transferring the copied concept in their own name, only half the effort will do if they direct in creating something new and novel.

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