Terminator Salvation

Terminator Salvation: The Future BeginsWhen it was certain that Arnold will not be there in Terminator-4, I thought I’ll never gonna watch it. But the day news of Christian Bale in it came I knew I’ll give it a shot. It was a long wait before I finally got to see it; the option of downloading from the net was long available, but I don’t wanted to miss even a single shot to piracy and frankly speaking I don’t regret my decision. Continue reading “Terminator Salvation”

HK Memories- Big Budha and The Peak

More often than not, the journey is more enjoyable then the final destination. Undoubtedly you set out on a journey in search of thrills and on reaching the end you are enchanted; but the fun you have had on your way can not be explained in words. This is what explains our 6th day in HONG KONG. We had fun at ‘The Peak’ and ‘Big Budha’ on ‘Lantau Island’ what we really enjoyed was the journey to reach the two places. Continue reading “HK Memories- Big Budha and The Peak”

Indians and Racism

After the centuries old great black racial abuse, we Bharatiya right now seems to be the most racist associated community on the face of the planet. Racism and Indians go hand in hand. Whether it is high profile case of Shilpa Shetty-Jade Goody, Harbhajan Singh-Andrew Symonds or some other case of ordinary student in Australia; when it comes to racism we are always in the middle of the action. Continue reading “Indians and Racism”

X-Men Origins Wolverine

wolverine61One thing I keep on saying again and again about superhero sagas; I don’t like the whole concept of having supernatural-unexplainable powers. But then a friend said without superpowers you don’t have superheroes, it’s simply heroes. Batman doesn’t fall in the superhero category then, but Wolverine does. Continue reading “X-Men Origins Wolverine”


I don’t know when the current dispute between the producers and the multiplexes will end. And until it is on, you have no other option but to go and watch movies about which you are totally clueless. If you have avoided them in the first week then you have no other option in second but to go and watch them. After fighting a long lost battle I finally gave up and watched ‘Doomsday’ yesterday. Continue reading “Doomsday!!!”