Mahaul matters

it’s the ‘mahaul’ that makes and breaks political careers in India and not policies

When the winter session of parliament 2015 was being put in deep freezer, I was having a rather interesting discussion with a senior congress leader from Delhi. Though very casually, he mentioned what congress did in 10 years of its rule at center, BJP has miraculously managed in 10 months; he was referring to the inability of government to get a functional parliament. Continue reading “Mahaul matters”

Reality Check #OddEvenFormula

Although the patient died on operation table but the good thing is we can now harvest its body parts for other’s treatment, so lets kill few more

On 15th January #OddEvenFormula ended and with lot of pomp and show the CM declared it successful in bringing down the pollution. Lot of news channels hailed it as a revolutionary step and scores of them trying to showcase public mood said people are all game for it and are happy with this step. The CM declared a public meeting in Chattrasal Stadium to thank Delhiites for participating in it and making it successful (what happened in that public meeting and how all attention all of a sudden from #OddEvenFormula shifted to #CowardBJP #KejriinDanger is another story). Continue reading “Reality Check #OddEvenFormula”