GI Joe

gi-joe2Almost all of us at some point in our life have been bitten by the GI Joe bug. For some it was the action figures, for others the cartoon or for someone like me it was the novel cum Game Books gifted by a cousin. Before that I had watched a few cartoons but didn’t found them very scintillating. So I went to watch the movie without any nostalgic baggage and an open mind, greedy for some good action which I undoubtedly got. Continue reading “GI Joe”


First of all it’s bad that 15th August or any other national holiday falls on weekend; one of our well deserved holiday is lost. But thank God that Independence Day went off well; there was no terrorist attack or another Delhi Metro mishap for that matter. So it was quite for almost all day except that the US detained Shahrukh Khan for questioning and this provided the news channels much needed masala to telecast for the whole day. Continue reading “15/08/09”

Public Enemies

public-enemiesI generally don’t like the movie which the critics approve of; and critics have approved Public Enemies. With a cast of Bale [he has become my favourite] and Depp, set in the great depression era, story of a bank robber; the expectations were ought to be high and most of them have been met. But the ones which are not left me a lot disappointed. Continue reading “Public Enemies”

Red Cliff

red-cliff1Red Cliff is a Chinese epic war movie; this is all I know about it. My knowledge of rocket science is much better when compared to Chinese movies or actors. Except for Jackie Chan, Jet Li and Bruce Lee, all look alike to me [no offence] so don’t expect any mind blowing, critic review about the story or the characters. Continue reading “Red Cliff”

The Hangover

hangoverSince I heard about ‘The Hangover’ I wanted to watch it; but as luck would have it I finally got a chance this Friday. Going by the kind of business the movie is doing [the theatre was full even in the third week in India and that too on Friday, with many other releases] am sure most of you must have seen it and if you are still waiting, then its high time now. Continue reading “The Hangover”

Die For Metal

Hey guys!! Guess who is back from the dead?? I know it’s been a really long time since my last post, but the thing is, I was suffering from something similar to writer’s block. I just couldn’t think of anything to write on. But then, one day, it hit me – like a bolt right out of the blue – Why don’t I write about my passion, music? Ever since I actually started listening to music, people started thinking that I have a weird taste [not that they didn’t think that earlier, but now they are just vocal about it]. And this is just because I prefer to listen to heavy metal and its’ related genres, and not the mainstream Bollywood crap. Continue reading “Die For Metal”