GI Joe

gi-joe2Almost all of us at some point in our life have been bitten by the GI Joe bug. For some it was the action figures, for others the cartoon or for someone like me it was the novel cum Game Books gifted by a cousin. Before that I had watched a few cartoons but didn’t found them very scintillating. So I went to watch the movie without any nostalgic baggage and an open mind, greedy for some good action which I undoubtedly got.

If you talk in action terms, then GI Joe is like one big 2 hours action sequence, with very short breaks in between. It’s about wam and bam. Anything which can blow is being blown; there is state of art technology gadgets, next level combat technology and what not. In a nut shell it is complete action masala and I enjoyed watching it, but it doesn’t mean I liked it.

There is a very thin line of separation between enjoying and liking and this movie is the best example of this paradox. Enjoying a movie is more like the first attraction but as you get to know more about it you know whether you like it or not. Same is with GI Joe.

In the first viewing, when you don’t apply any brains it is enjoyable. But as soon as you start thinking about the intricacies you start disliking for it. The makers of Transformers came in full swing during the GI Joe outing and in order to try to make a movie with story and explaining the behavior of its characters the things became a little more than flimsy.

Too many characters going into flashback, General Hawk [Dennis Quaid] doing nothing except watching the GI Joe movie on his ‘Pit’ LCD, one arms dealer McCullum [Christopher Ecclestone] trying to capture the world, one maniac arms inventor The Doctor [Joseph Gordon Levitt] making stupid appearing arms and a master of disguise Zartan [Arnold Vosloo] whistling while he can; that’s what its all about. If I keep all these things aside then I might even start liking it. But what to do about a blond turned black-head Baroness [Sienna Miller] whose actions are totally unexplainable.

About the action, as I said earlier it is big and fun to watch especially the chase sequence in the streets of Paris in which there are cars, bike, people running and jumping. So you will not be disappointed on that front, forget about the rest.

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