HK Memories- First Step!!!

Unlike before, this time I am keeping up with my initial plan and schedule both; hence it’s time for beginning my Hong Kong experience. While on the trip, I was asked again and again [by all those who knew about my blog, my HONG KONG trip and were in contact; so this makes the number very miniscule] if I’ll be writing about it? What will I be writing; if I got something to write etc? Frankly speaking neither I had answer to any of the question at that time nor have I now. Continue reading “HK Memories- First Step!!!”

Open Letter to DG. . .

I always wanted to write an open letter to someone who is in command of some kind of power. Not because I have some revolutionary ideas, but because we Bharatiya love preaching; no matter if the person is even interested or not. I’ve already told you in the last post about the conceiving the idea and why there is so much delay in executing it; so let us not waste any more time and start with the letter. . .

Continue reading “Open Letter to DG. . .”

Am Back!!!

It’s been some time since my last post. This is not the first time it has happened. From time to time I have taken considerable amount of breaks from writing; nothing new in it. But this time the break was not because of any writer’s bloc or on pretext of self introspection of my writing skills. Past few days proved to be busy and despite of having few things to write about, I was not able to do so [no I was not having my exams; am never busy during exams]. Continue reading “Am Back!!!”