Open Letter to DG. . .

I always wanted to write an open letter to someone who is in command of some kind of power. Not because I have some revolutionary ideas, but because we Bharatiya love preaching; no matter if the person is even interested or not. I’ve already told you in the last post about the conceiving the idea and why there is so much delay in executing it; so let us not waste any more time and start with the letter. . .


Respected DG Sir,

First of all I would like to congratulate and thank you for organizing such an event. It was a nice experience and all the hard work which you and your team did was visible. I will not go into the technicalities of the loop holes which were there; as being an experienced teacher and DG you must have noticed them yourself and am sure you will be taking care of them next time. But as a teacher there are some points which I think you might have overlooked, but are very important from our perspective. So I would like to take this opportunity to draw your attention towards them.

The whole idea of threatening the students for attending these sessions is very childish and does no good to your cause. If the students for you are only meant as means of filling the auditorium then I am sorry to say but its better if you don’t organize these meets. But if you actually intend to do some good for the students then please stop terrorizing them in first place. The decision of the students [to attend the meet] should be by choice and not by compulsion. It’s true that not much students are interested in attending these meets and Instead of compelling them to attend it you should try to find out why they lack interest.

If by chance you and your team are clueless about it, then let me help you out here. The whole compelling and terrorizing thing plays an important part in this lack of interest. Moreover not letting them breath freely in the auditorium is not at all done. Please treat students like humans and not prisoners who are not allowed to do anything while in the audi. Why would anyone want to enter such a place where he knows, he won’t be even allowed to go and pee if he wanted to? I would try all possible means to avoid going to a prison and the audi is no less then one during such meets.

Also too many people speaking one after the other continuously is not at all burdening for the speaker but it surely is for the listeners. If the aim behind this meet is help students to learn something, then it would have been much better had there been fewer speakers. The whole idea of listening is lost when the students know they have to sit for the entire day listening to one speaker after the other, and even before starting they lose interest. Even if someone wants to listen s/he is helpless; as both mind and body don’t permit to do so. There were few speakers whom I actually wanted to listen to but by the time their turn came to speak I had actually became numb. Despite of the want I couldn’t help it.

Another thing which I would like to bring to your notice is all the hype which is being created regarding ‘Inbush’. Agreed that the scale and magnitude of this event of yours is biggest of rest, but that doesn’t mean it is the biggest event on face of the earth. Events bigger than these are being organized daily that too in graduation colleges; creating so much buzz about it and portraying them as the grandest gives students a false picture about the reality. It’s always better if students knows what the truth is and should be aware of the reality. So please don’t keep them in dark and let them know what the truth is.

These were the few things I wanted to bring to your notice. They might be trivial things for you, but from our point of view they actually are important, and I hope you will think on the above issues and do the necessary.

Thanking You


The letter ends here. . .

Well these were few things which I actually feel if the college works on will make the event much better. My interest was just in letting know about them [as one of our staff members in college says] rest is up to you guys.

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