The Advani Code

Gujarat elections are over and all the fuss which they created has almost died. The talks about Modi’s future role are on a hold for a time being. The debates on the statements which were made during the campaigning are over. The discussion on Advani’s statement ‘This is a turning point of Indian politics’ is lost somewhere. But this statement is very much here and still a lot can be talked about it.

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‘The Result’ of ‘The Result’

Come this time tomorrow, and the result of one of the most watched out election in the history of Bharat, will be out in open. Tomorrow is the day when not only the fate of all the candidates, but also how the things will be like in the future Indian politics will be clear. The mammoth publicity which Gujarat election received was mainly because of one man i.e. Modi. In true sense these elections were not between any two parties, but they were between Modi and the media.

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Leg-End Legend

Will Smith racing in a sports car with his dog, on the deserted New York streets. No he is not flashing it for the girls to notice; neither is he part of any street racing gang.

He is out there with his sniper rifle, not following any terrorist to hunt him down but trying to a catch a deer or two (it can be a reindeer also, can’t say for sure). If you were wondering what the future will be like, then ‘I am Legend’ is certainly not the place to look out for.

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A Campaign Lost

The polling for the Gujarat elections is complete and the verdict which is right now closed in the voting machines will be out soon. The campaigning for the elections which started with a new mild Modi, talking about the development and an over charged congress ready to take him down, changed drastically during the course of elections.

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Wedding Season Again

It is the wedding season again. Everyday hundreds and thousands of people are tying the holy knot of matrimony. Day by day this once in a lifetime affair is becoming bigger and grander. People are ready to go to any limits for making it memorable and the big fat Indian wedding has truly come of age. Wedding season in India is full of enthusiasm, fun, frolic and not to forget those sleepless nights [spend by the bride and groom in you know what, and by the relatives in celebrations].

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