HK Memories- Disney Land & Ocean Park

The interrogating officer at the HONG KONG airport told us about four places which are a must see in HONG KONG viz. The Ocean Park, Disney land, The Peak and The Big Budha. Actually these four are the officially declared tourist spots in HONG KONG so whosoever goes to HONG KONG pays them a visit and now it was our turn.

The first two days were allotted for Ocean Park and the Disneyland; both are big theme parks and fun to visit. On Sunday night our bro gave us detailed instructions on how to reach there, from where to get discounted tickets [they sell discounted tickets at various metro stations], what to carry with us etc.

The ocean park as the name suggest is marine life based theme park spread over large area, connected by a cable car and long escalators. Although outside cooked food is not allowed in, but like India here you can carry it in without any hassles. Among huge aquariums, various rides, different marine life, huge Panda habitat [with real Pandas off-course], the dolphin show was pick of the lot.

Like Ocean Park reaching Disneyland is not a problem. But unlike Ocean Park on your way to Disneyland you are made to realize you are going for a different experience [the special Disney metro] and unlike ocean park you cannot carry cooked food in, only packed eatables [even certain packed things are not allowed, they will tell you very politely at the gate you can enjoy them out here].

The very first ride at the Disney we steeped in had a long queue [infact the long queue was the reason why we got in that ride] and after a wait for 30 minutes all we got was driving a stupid car on a track. Nevertheless the various live and the 4-D show were fun. Bhabhi joined us there in the evening, the Disney parade, boat ride, fire works at night, and hunting for a cool Disney tee [a cousin had given explicit instructions for getting a Disney tee for her. She was upset we went HONG KONG without her and hence given us clear instructions on what she wants from there as compensation. Disney tee and Gucci perfume where all we could mange] everything was a nice, enjoyable experience.

To be very frank I had never thought I would spent entire two days in some theme parks [I never found apna local Appu Ghar, the Delhi amusement park at all amusing. And as far as the oyster was concerned I love swimming the rides had very little to do, in little liking for it]. But the experience was not at all as bad as I had thought it to be.

Wednesday was Holi-Day [remember the Holi-Day festival of colours] which this year we celebrated in HONG KONG, by sleeping for half day and sitting on the beach of Cheng Chau island for the rest half. Island hopping is an interesting activity for those who love the idea of exploring one island after other [we only hoped on one].

This was the end of the 5th day at HONG KONG and tomorrow we were all set to give Big Budha and the Peak a visit.

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