boredom hates

recently i had researched something newabout nothing it might be confusing you cos its  nothin

boredom is spreadin all over the world its causes r becomin more harmaul than ever even cancer. soon by this disease human race can becom extinct with no traces of life on earth  its proven fact by scientists .boredom is spreadin fast between teen and even juniors ,old aged person tooooooooo. we need to take the action fast or earth else will be dominated in no time we must make a bundle of video games cartoons Pc and distribute them for free  plus  decrease the burden of studies and take some serious actions towards boredom.time has not been passed but thats the only problem. time is not passing and we r just gettin bore we must do something blogging is one of the things from that outing can also give great support .we should pledge that we will play games and fight against terror caused by this deadly killing disease called dead ly bore dom

by one of the special agent from the team fighting against terror caused by boredom   (dont leak the information)

2 thoughts on “boredom hates”

  1. to get away from boredom i watch movies, lots nd lots of movies. . .
    if they dn’t help try writing. no luck get to guitar. . .
    else one thing which always wrks is talk-talk nd talk. . .
    or the ultimate kill is go to sleeeeeeeeep [:P]

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