Dramatic 22nd July

The 22nd of July was the ‘D’ Day for the government about which so many speculations were being made. After the dramatic fall of Vajpayee government by one vote, this was the first time when the government faced the no confidence motion. Like last time, everyone was expecting a close finish, and another dramatic result. Although the finish was not that close enough, but yes the day was dramatic.

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The Dark Knight. . .

I watched Batman Begins and the wait for The Dark Knight Began. Everyone was talking about it from the day it went on floor. It released with the hype of Ledger’s lifetime performance. So much was expected from it and to tell you the truth the movie does lives upto the expectations. Yes Batman just got bigger and better. All the talk about Ledger is true. It became more realistic, a characteristic which Batman movies [before Batman Begins] totally lacked. The out of the league start with Batman Begins has been taken to the next level.

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The Odd Hour Affair. . .

It’s been a long time since I wrote a post sitting at this hour of night [1:05 a.m.]. Initially many were born and brought up at the odd hours of night, but lately most of the writing was taking place in the day time only. Personally speaking, I like this time a lot, especially when I gotta write something. My affair with writing at night started when I was in 11th standard. At that time I used to write my practical files. Well practically it was copying from someone else’s file. As my mom never liked the idea of copying, doesn’t matter even if it was a practical file, so I used to write it at this hour when everyone was asleep.

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Who stands Where? In times of Political Turmoil…

Its almost one and half month since I wrote a post related to some political stuff. Not because I was too busy doing other things, but the fact is for the past 2-3 months, our politically unstable country was very stable. Nothing much was happening in the arena, except those regular cry outs about inflation. The all time favourite cast issue, and as always accusations of politics being played in name of religion [it is not that the land dispute of Amarnath Shrine board was something to ignore, but similar things have already been discussed so many times]. Left’s warning of withdrawing support if the government planned to go ahead with the nuclear deal [which had started appearing like a daily mantra, to be enchanted in the media to show that they also exists]. But then 2 days ago, the Left sent the country into a political turmoil it was talking about for a long time now. They declared the withdrawal of [external] support to the UPA government and making them short of required numbers. Continue reading “Who stands Where? In times of Political Turmoil…”

OBC- Occupational Behavioural Character

People are greatly affected by their occupations. The work which occupies 8 hours of their day officially [and almost 24 hours unofficially] is bound to affect their behaviour, thinking, actions [voluntary and involuntary] what they talk about, their likes-dislikes, even the diseases from which they suffer are also greatly influenced by their occupation [the occupational diseases]. In a nut shell from anything to almost everything which is part of one’s life is affected by his/her profession.
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