Taming the ‘K-line’

The condition of public transport needs no introduction. Everyone knows the truth about their condition and how much useful they prove to be in solving their purpose. It is hard to say if with time, the condition is improving or deteriorating. Although introduction of ‘Metro’ did provided the much needed relief, but in front of Delhi’s growing population it is turning out to be a case of too little too late. The increasing traffic on the roads, never ending jams, long wait at the red lights, the ever green ‘K-lines’ alongwith errant DTC and what not, when it comes to commuting the city of flyovers is really flying above all. But instead of all the traffic and commuting problem am only interested in the age old Delhi Transport Corporation – DTC.

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PPP-Patil Played Politics

Few days back, impeccably dressed with not even a single hair out of place our Honourable Home Minister, very swiftly and in his suave manner declared that hanging Afzal Guru [an Indian in Indian jail, accused and proven guilty of treachery in parliament attack case, even by the supreme court] will lead to Pakistan hanging of Sarabjit [an Indian in Pakistani jail, in a case of mistaken identity]. His argument, you can not talk about execution of death penalty on one hand and clemency on other.

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The Advani Code- This Time Wrong!!!

It’s almost 2 months to the launch of Mr. Advani’s memoir ‘My country My Life’ and in these two months almost every columnist has written his/her views about the book. I also wrote a basic review based upon my limited and brief overlook of the book. It was not based upon any thorough reading and analyzing and hence it was very elementary in nature. Two months down the line, today am in a much better position to talk about the book as I have almost finished ‘My country My life’.

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Why I love Rains?

Rains are a part of the large weather cycle which we have in India and Delhi particularly. Due to the distance from sea we experience extreme continental climate in the national capital, varying with five seasons- summers, monsoon, autumn, winters and spring. Today in the morning all of a sudden the day from sunny changed to cloudy. It was a pleasant surprise to see a thick cloud cover on a bright sunny day, with cool and fast wind blowing. Sometime after it started to rain, first slowly and then a real downpour which is nowadays rare even during the monsoon. There is something very special about rainy days and monsoon. This is particularly my favourite season, and this unscheduled rainfall provided me with a reason to write a post on rains which was overdue for a long time [as long time back I was provided with the idea of writing a post about rains and what is special about them by a smarty]. Continue reading “Why I love Rains?”

Rahul Gandhi-Discovering India

Sometime back Rahul Gandhi the gen-next politician from the Gandhi kin started with his ‘Discovery of India’ voyage. The day he began with his journey the media and the political circle began their scrutinizing and in no time it became talk of the tinsel-town. From political pundits to columnists, from blogs to newspapers everyone talked about his trip and they found the whole exercise pointless.

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Getting a new Passport

Government offices [GO’s] are a place where no one wants to go, but unfortunately more often than not everyone has to go there. It is like a necessary evil, without which surviving in this country is impossible and with them it is a nightmare. During the odd 21 years of my life, I have had my share of stint with the GO’s and take my word the visit there have never been pleasant. Why I am saying all this, because very recently I had another such visit to the passport office situated behind Hyatt Regency.

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Iron Man. . .

The whole point of super heroes with extraordinary powers from some unexplainable reasons like biting of genetically modified insect, or because they are alien or mutants by birth or because they were caught in some radioactive storm, is pointless. Due to this reason only am not of a big superhero saga fan. But this doesn’t mean I have something personal against them. I do like the ones where ordinary men does extraordinary things [with personal skills or help from technology] to become a superhero. This makes me an admirer of Batman and now the list also have Iron man in it.

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