‘The Result’ of ‘The Result’

Come this time tomorrow, and the result of one of the most watched out election in the history of Bharat, will be out in open. Tomorrow is the day when not only the fate of all the candidates, but also how the things will be like in the future Indian politics will be clear. The mammoth publicity which Gujarat election received was mainly because of one man i.e. Modi. In true sense these elections were not between any two parties, but they were between Modi and the media.

For five years all the media was after Modi’s life, even if someone would sneeze in Gujarat, then he was held responsible, and more often than not Modi in his suave and conceited manner dared to stand against them and emerged victorious, in his own terms. Riding against the tide, he is all set to emerge as a champion in what we call as popular terms. The anti Modi campaign of the media took numerous turns and went through many transformations, but still when the odds are against them, they started coming up with their new conclusions and inferences about Modi and BJP’s future after the results are announced.

Tomorrow there are three possible results which can come out. First Modi retaining the power with less than 2002’s tally. Second Modi coming to power but with more number of seats than last time. And last but not the least congress securing the magical figure.

According to most of the surveys and exit polls Modi will return to power but with seats fewer than 2002. As per our political pundits if Modi comes to power with fewer seats, then the BJP and RSS will find a new excuse to sideline him and he will not complete his term as a chief minister. On what bases are these conclusions based, only God knows. It is possible that he might not complete his term as a chief minister, but that is not because he can be written off so easily, because he will take up bigger roles at the centre, which will be beneficial for the BJP.

The second possibility which is next to impossible according all the analysts who predicted to the point UP results, or for that matter result of 2004 elections. But if Modi emerged victorious in this fashion then certainly he will be a major and bigger problem for the congress to handle, which is again good news for the BJP.

The third possibility of congress coming to power is not good for BJP. However if looked at from the other way then, there is something BJP can cherish about. If the country goes to elections next year, then BJP has everything right now except a cult firebrand leader. With Uma Bharati gone and Advani bidding for PM, all they need right now is someone who can bluntly talk about Hindutva with conviction and who else can do this better than Modi?  We all know about his potential of playing this card and he can do it in a much better and efficient way without the CM’s tag attached. So the larger than life image, which the media has created for Modi (although mistakenly) will benefit BJP not just in Gujarat but in the whole country.

All in all, talking about Gujarat assembly elections, then this is the best thing happened to BJP in the recent past. First by the mistakes which congress made during the campaign, ‘A Campaign Lost’ [http://www.zhagdoo.com/2007/12/18/a-campaign-lost/] BJP had a ball and now whatever the result of these elections might come BJP has more than one reason to celebrate. And going by the popular perception it will be BJP only to have the last laugh after the results will be declared.

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