According to a ‘Recent Study’

Surveys and researches are flavour of the season right now. Every month, every week, everyday a new study or survey is published in some magazine or journal. Generally the topic of these studies are okay types, but more often than not these are really very naive and surprisingly immature to the heights that one wonders, what prompted the doctor [as no one with less than a doctorate dares to accomplish these studies] to do it?

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Remember-Remember, the CAT November

So this it! All the hoo-halaa and fuss died today. For almost a year now students all over the country were waiting for this ‘D-Day’ and then all of a sudden it all got over in just two and a half hours (technically 3). Today over 2.25 lac students appeared for, what can be called as the most anticipated exam of the country, CAT. Continue reading “Remember-Remember, the CAT November”

Gujarat’s History of Violence

After 90 years of grave struggle against the oppression and tyranny we gained independence. In addition to all the fight back, violent and non violent and sacrifice of numerous lives there was an ultimate price which we had to pay for our independence i.e. partition and the sad news of partition did not come alone, but along came riots.

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How Was Your Diwali?


Diwali is one of the biggest festivals of Bharat. Whole country was lit up and everyone was in a juvenile mood. The enthusiasm and excitement with which it is celebrated is unmatched and exorbitant. And why not? After all in this land of festivals there is more than one reason to celebrate this festival. In different parts of the country the festival is celebrated in a unique way, owing to a unique reason (but am not here to discuss the plethora of history and mythology associated with it, like any other Bharatiya festival). But there is one common thing which we all come across during the festival (rather it is after the festival) and that is the question “how was your Diwali?” Continue reading “How Was Your Diwali?”



Last week I received courts summon. The charges which it showed (although I could hardly interpretate the IPC section which it showed) but one thing which I realised was that, they were neither the common section 302 and 304 (used in cases of culpable homicide, this knowledge courtesy over dramatic court room scenes of Hindi flicks) nor those of over speeding and red light jumping. But something a little rare of stopping beyond the stop line at the red light. Well I guess it would have been better if I had jumped the red light, as then the cop might have missed out my car’s registration number. Well but that’s another possibility. Continue reading “IPC”