Who’s Secular and Who’s Not?

As soon as one mention about communal forces faces of RSS, BJP, Shiv Sena etc. strikes our mind and that too with a blitzkrieg speed. On the other hand when we talk about secular groups or parties, within no time we tend to think about Left, BSP etc. with congress being the main protagonist. All the credit for our country becoming secular after partition being held on religious lines and Pakistan ending up as a Muslim state goes to congress and from time to time the party leaders have also cried hoarse in claiming their secularity. In today’s world what we see is not always true and what we perceive from what others have to say is seldom true. So is congress really secular to the extent to which it claims to be?

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Saffronisation of Books

In the midst of the sex education controversy a lot of things are being said against the policies of our current HRD minister Mr. Arjun Singh. But what is funny to see, are the remarks which are coming against our former HRD minister Mr. Murli Manohar Joshi. One such remark which I still remember, published in Hindustan Times by Mr. Vir Sanghvi, said that, Continue reading “Saffronisation of Books”

MP- Mobile [MANIAC] Phones!!!

Mobile phones are one thing which almost everyone is carrying around. Age, religion, sex, occupation, social status and caste are the parameters which no longer define the genre of mobile phone users. From a school going child to the person doing PhD, from the peon of a local-small office to the M.D of an MNC, from housewives to Home minister, everyone is using a mobile phone, courtesy cheap handset and schemes like lifelong validity, anyone can own one and that too at throw away prices. But this entry is certainly not about the increasing no. of mobile phone [MP= mobile phone or maniac phone as they should better be called] users or about the reason behind this increasing no. Continue reading “MP- Mobile [MANIAC] Phones!!!”