In this web of world wide web, where there are already millions and billions of websites, then who cares about another crazy site, with an equally crazy name, ‘Zhagdoo’, which must be about some or the other crazy stuff which people nowadays do on net more enthusiastically then anything else on this planet. Isn’t it? It seems like this to me atleast.

But on the contrary its not about just some crazy thing, although the name sounds to be quite crazy. You know from where does all this started? Simply from finding a name for a blog. I have been into blogging for quite sometime now. Writing about anything and everything, but mostly useless things. Then one day, one wise man suggested me to start writing something which is meaningful. Which is about opinions, which is about what I, rather people like me feel.

The search for the name which started as just another excercise, within no time became a necessity. I started searching on the net, one name which is unique. One name which on its own says lots of things. One name which is appealing. Started to discuss with people about it. Everyone came up with many suggestions. Everytime a new name, even better than the previous one emerged. These were the names of general opinion and general consensus. But then the same wise man came up with this entirely different name, viz ‘Zhagdoo’. In the begining when I heard it, I was like, you gotta be kiddng. Here I am talking about some serious stuff and you comes up with this name, which not only sounds absurd but crazy too. I was totally reluctant in buying that idea. Why? Because I was not open to what others say. I was in kind of a shell of my own, which was preventing the outside air to come in and affect my thought process. But as this shell broke I started seeing this name with an entirely new angle. The angle about which I had never thought. The angle which I never knew, that even existed.

This is what have happened to most of us. I dont know since when, we have been constantly listening to what these so called ‘intellects’ say. Whether its about any government policy, or about some case, or some incidence or anything. If they say it is right we say its right. If they say its wrong, we say its wrong. We have stopped watching on the other side of the hedge. How many times do we feel as to what this guy says is not right? Very rarely I must say. Why we are simply not ready to buy it, if someone has to say something, which is against the tide? It is said that there are always three sides to any argument, yours, mine and the right one. But nowadays we see only one side, and that is theirs. What happened to the other two sides? Why are these sides lost somewhere in the daily rush? Why we have stopped perceiving things as we should? Why we do not look at matters from different angles? Why?

Someone rightly said, one different angle can change the whole world. But this new point of view will never emerge unless and untill we start looking at things from different angles, and when we do, then an entirely new side of the coin appears in front of us. The side from which these self claimed guiding lights are completely aloof. The side which never saw the daylight.

Its time that we start looking for this side. Its time that we start sarching for the new angle. Everyone knew that apple fell, but it was Newton who saw it from a different angle. Let the apple fall once again. Zhagdoo.com is not about what I feel. Its about what everyone feels. Its not about the general opinion, but the new opinion. Its not about the popular viewpoint. Perhaps about, just another viewpoint.

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  1. Yes it sound little crazy but there is a depth hidden in the word{zhagdoo} and I too believe there are three sides to an argument and the content in this is quite good and the spirit of writer{zhagdoo vaibhav} impress me “let the apple fall again”.
    Hope he is able to make people view the other sides of an argument and let people be a zhagdoo to say their view and did not blindly follow the intellect.

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