No Ulloo Banaowing !!!

That is another case that for 12 years, Rakhi Sawant of Indian Journalism Barkha Dutt and drama queen Sagarika Ghosh with her husband Rajdeep Sardesai had made a personal mission of defeating monstrous Modi to save the bholi-bhali Indian janta.

The moment results of general elections 2014 were declared on 16th May, the whole country was surprised and whole media with political parties (of NDA and UPA alike) were shocked. It was an unprecedented victory for the BJP and no one had expected it to be of such magnitude. Since then lot of people have wrote and spoken a lot about the result. Why BJP won? How BJP won? Which didn’t make much sense to me, and now with the first 100 days of the government complete in the office, which mostly have rated as good, everyone is still talking the same things which are still not making any sense.  Continue reading “No Ulloo Banaowing !!!”