Remembering Gandhi

On 30th January 1948, at around 5:15 p.m. Nathuram Godse killed Mahatma Gandhi. He shot him thrice at the point blank range, his face turned pale, his clothes rinsed in red blood and with the words ‘Hey Ram’ his body fell on the ground. Immediately he was carried inside the Birla house where he was staying and about 5:40 he died. ‘The light has gone out of our lives and there is darkness everywhere’. With these words the then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, broke the news to the nation.

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Gujarat’s History of Violence

After 90 years of grave struggle against the oppression and tyranny we gained independence. In addition to all the fight back, violent and non violent and sacrifice of numerous lives there was an ultimate price which we had to pay for our independence i.e. partition and the sad news of partition did not come alone, but along came riots.

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Proof of Life!!!

United Nations recently declared the birth day of Mahatma Gandhi as the international non violence day. From this year onwards 2nd October will no longer be only a Bharatiya holiday, but it will also remind the world of the principals for which the whole mankind should stand, the direction in which everyone should work and the ultimate goal which we all long to attain; non violence.

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Who was Jinnah?

As soon as we hear the name Muhammad Ali Jinnah, popularly known as Jinnah, the picture of a person whom we consider utterly Muslim communal and hold responsible for one of the biggest tragedy in the history of Bharat; partition, comes to our mind. But actually who was Jinnah? Was he such a big follower of Islam and biased towards Muslims? Was he so much communal in nature? Was he the only living soul alive at that time responsible for partition? Continue reading “Who was Jinnah?”

The Eternal Truth


Although the Sethu Samudram project controversy had never lost its steam, but as soon as it had started taking a back seat in people’s ultra short lived memory, new developments took place which once again stirred the whole situation up and added that extra spice to the whole recipe. The whole drama of government submitting the affidavit stating that Ram never existed and then withdrawing it, unfolded in such a manner that it was nothing less than a complete Bollywood masala pic in itself.

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History of Violence

Kabhi Na bhool divide and rule. My history teacher once told this phrase to the class while teaching some lesson on British rule. She told us that it was the British who sow the seed of hatred among Hindus and Muslims. It was they who inculcated this hatred to keep their Raj intact. It was the British who first introduced our country to communal violence. Before the British came to our country, no one really worked on religious lines. Before the British came, Hindus and Muslims always lived happily together and bla bla bla. In a nut shell there used to be the golden days of Hindu Muslim unity and how peace prevailed everywhere. But, doesn’t some time all these claims made by almost every intellectual and historian of our country looks very hollow? Doesn’t it feel as if these are nothing more than few of the other myths about our history? Doesn’t it seem as if the reality is hiding somewhere out there? Doesn’t it appear as if we are deliberately turning a blind eye towards the truth? It certainly does to me, atleast.

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An Insight into Sangh

Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh, RSS or Sangh as it is popularly known, is undoubtedly one of the most important organization prevailing in this country. With over 25,000 Shakhas around the country and a base in almost 90 countries around the world, it is the biggest non government organization present on the face of this earth. Founded by Dr. KESHAVARAO BALI RAM HEDGEWAR at Nagpur on 27th September, Vijayadashmi day of 1925, it still is growing steadily and going strong. Continue reading “An Insight into Sangh”

Countering Terrorism

                                                                                                                                            Everywhere in this world a situation of total chaos prevails. Around the globe a lot of people are being killed due to the terrorist activities. Everyone writes and talks a lot about global terrorism and the menace it has turned into. Everyone looks to be concerned about the innocent lives which are being lost every day in these attacks and everyone wants the world to be free from this demon.

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Saffron Brigade- A threat?

Kafeel Ahmed is an aeronautical engineer who went to school and college in Bangalore, before moving to Britain. His brother and cousin, both are doctors, also from Bangalore. Ever heard about them? I am sure you have. In past few days we all must have heard about these Britain based Indians, who have undoubtedly make a mark in the world of terrorism. Now take your mind back to those who were arrested after the incidence of Mumbai train blasts took place. Continue reading “Saffron Brigade- A threat?”

Religion For Mankind

We Indians are living in a state where religion always draw some forbidden lines, it has been creating barriers within the people, post 92 era has seen unmatched tension between muslim and hindu clergy. Operation Blue Star in golden temple saw murder of then prime minister Indira Gandhi and what followed is known by every sikh, but here i am not writing about how religion is causing arguments and anger to develop what i am about to write is a very pleasing truth.
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Do we really need Ram Sethu?

One may say that India is a land of controversies. Wake up in the morning and first thing we need to do is getting ourselves acclimatized to a whole new scenario of disputes. I do not think that it will be any exaggeration in saying that we Indians know the art of creating controversies. One such controversy which is there in the lime light nowadays is that of ‘Sethu Samudram’. Continue reading “Do we really need Ram Sethu?”

In this web of world wide web, where there are already millions and billions of websites, then who cares about another crazy site, with an equally crazy name, ‘Zhagdoo’, which must be about some or the other crazy stuff which people nowadays do on net more enthusiastically then anything else on this planet. Isn’t it? It seems like this to me atleast.
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