The Judgment Day!!!

As I write these words, the court and the nation are gearing up for one of the most anticipated verdict of modern Bharat. Sitting in Kenya and saying this is very easy for me, but I am sure most of people in Bharat knows and thinks, that it is no longer relevant what the judgment will be in the Ram Janam Bhoomi title suit. So many years have passed, so much have been said and done and people [read masses] have long lost the interest; 60 years is too much time to wait for any judgment. Continue reading “The Judgment Day!!!”

Happy Teacher’s Day. . .

I am almost 10 days late for this post; as my teachers in college always said, some are late but you are always latest, better late than never.

In everyone’s life teacher plays a very important role; am not just talking about the formal teachers we have had during our long course of studies but anyone and everyone who has at some point or other taught us something. So on this day of teacher’s day, let me thank all of them. Continue reading “Happy Teacher’s Day. . .”

CLINT – The Legend. . .

In the summer of 2004 for the first time I saw a western movie [before that I had heard and seen their promos but never ventured in watching them]. It was after my 12th exams that I had so much free time to watch anything I can lay my hands on and it was by sheer chance I came across a DVD with three western movies, ‘A Fistful of Dollars’, ‘For a Few Dollars’ and ‘The Good The Bad and The Ugly’. Those were the first three movies of Clint Eastwood and those were the first three movies of Clint Eastwood which I watched, but they surely were not the last. Continue reading “CLINT – The Legend. . .”

Let us NOT hang Kasab

He shall be hanged by neck till he is dead! That’s what Judge M.L. Tahilyani said for Ajmal Kasab, while giving the verdict almost one hand a half year later, in the 26/11 Mumbai attack case. Nothing surprising about the verdict, all have long seen it coming. Had Kasab been acquitted then it would have been a real shame for the Government, investigating agencies and of course our judicial system. But they all knew it and hence we didn’t see any such debacle in this case. But should Kasab really be hanged? Continue reading “Let us NOT hang Kasab”

Non issue of leak

After a long wait of 17 years, the Liberhan commission report is finally out. The commission was set on a mind boggling act of Babri Masjid demolition; it took mind boggling time of 17 years to be completed and it was anticipated to make some mind boggling revelations hence the way in which this mind boggling report could have come to light was undoubtedly mind boggling; it got leaked. Continue reading “Non issue of leak”

Shiv Puran and Big Bang

Don’t know how many of you actually remember your science lesson about the Big Bang Theory and the formation of Earth or about the origin of life for that matter. I certainly don’t. I don’t even remember paying any attention when the teacher actually taught it. But I do remember listening to the Shiv Puran lesson this Dussehra, and as promised its time for some enlightenment. Continue reading “Shiv Puran and Big Bang”


Gone are the days when India was considered a backward nation and the Indian economy was dependant only upon the agricultural sector. Since independence, a great transformation has been noticed in every aspect of Indian economy. Whether you talk about industries, utilities, infrastructure, education or health, Indian economy is going great guns. Continue reading “INDIAN EDUCATION SYSTEM”

Homosexuality Legalized –Recieved Promotion With A Legal Stamp

2nd July, was the biggest day of celebration for homosexuals in India…I skipped all my evening shows on television and was glued with the news channels telecasting the joy and celebration of all the homosexuals all over the country. Continue reading “Homosexuality Legalized –Recieved Promotion With A Legal Stamp”

The Election Result-09

None had expected the 16th may result to be so much clear and explicit. Both the Congress and the BJP were surprised with them. Although BJP’s surprise is more of a shock, and congress’s pleasant but they had also not expected to do so well. Since the surprising Saturday all the political pundits are busy assessing the results and trying to give some explanation. I don’t know why BJP lost or Congress won [even the Congress is not sure how it won, then how can I be?], neither I have any explanation for it, but it is interesting to listen what others has to say. Continue reading “The Election Result-09”

Deccan Chargers: From Rags to Riches

Hello Folks!

So the old Procrastinator is back, If you do not remember me, then I shall redirect you to my last post. Well I am not here to talk about myself, as the title suggest, I am going to analyze story of Deccan Chargers from here on in my post they will be known as AC/DC( One Very good friend of mine named them Aussie Chargers). So AC/DC completed a perfect turnaround from last years tourney(IPL08 famous for the infamous slap gate). If any of you are by chance suffering from STML(Short Term Memory Loss, All Credit to Ghajjini Bhaisaab) Last year AC/DC finished last with Wooden Spoon in hand and this year they won it fair and square, Fair and Square with as much as 3 Aussies in line up (Gilli The Monk, Roy The Trouble Kid and Lesser known Harris and to add icing on cake Gibbs who did not tour India coz he was to be inquired By our own Delhi Police in Match Fixing Case) is a highly improbable thing but lets do not touch it right now.

Continue reading “Deccan Chargers: From Rags to Riches”

Who Will be the PM?

For quite some time now the media was speculating that Mr. Nitish Kumar will leave the NDA and go with the UPA. Although he himself kept on asserting that he is with the NDA, media remained unfazed. Congress was also trying to woo him by again and again praising his good work and calling him on his secular credentials. It was only after the NDA rally in Punjab where he and Mr. Modi alongwith other NDA Chief Ministers shared the same stage, that the two stopped. Continue reading “Who Will be the PM?”