Riding with Bharatiya Rail!!!

It was around four and a half hour train ride from Shanghai to Taizhou, and while on it I remembered my last train ride in India, which wasn’t a long time ago, some two months back when I went to Mumbai to attend a business exhibition. Personally speaking I prefer traveling by train more than an airplane or by bus. But if it is a short distance of some 4-5 hours, then I like driving there. Continue reading “Riding with Bharatiya Rail!!!”

That long forgotten feeling of Security!!!

One after another 3 bomb blasts rocked Mumbai in a matter of dozen minutes. Another sad day, which took away 18 lives so far and left many undead, another anniversary to mourn, another candle march to observe; just another day in the life of Bharatiyas. Continue reading “That long forgotten feeling of Security!!!”

Where is Swami Ramdev?

Since Swami Ramdev started appearing on television, teaching yoga in his own style and preaching masses, one thing has been his style statement; being awfully vocal. He has opinion on everything and he never hesitated in airing them. He preached and commented not only on medicine, Ayurveda or Yoga; but also on corruption, nation building, democracy and everything else. This sometime drew sharp criticism, even mockery and contempt from the so-called intelligentsia. It made him joke of the day and more often than not took away the gravity of the situation. Then again this is a part of his personality, a piece of his charisma and you can’t separate it from him; or just because of this one habit of being loud you can’t undermine the good things he talk about; things that makes absolute sense, things which are for greater good and things which are need of the hour. Continue reading “Where is Swami Ramdev?”

We, Forgiving and Forgetting Indians!!!

3 years ago our company launched a product, since then it is facing some major quality and service issues and has nearly bombed in the market. This year with some significant changes in it we are trying to revive it; last week I was discussing with few of our major distributors about it. They were complaining about the bad performance, service and blah blah and were not ready to give it another shot. One of our regional managers then said “India mein toh logon ko bhoolna ka shauk, poorani batein bhool jayo” (in India people are fond of forgetting things, forget about past experiences); forgetting and forgiving is one of the major common traits that we Indians share. Continue reading “We, Forgiving and Forgetting Indians!!!”

Knowing Babanomics…

In my last post the point of contention was simple, was or was not the action during midnight on peacefully protesting, sleeping and innocent Bharatiyas by the government wrong? May be Swami Ramdev is not that innocent as he claims, may be his demands are naïve and his methods wrong; but what happened on Saturday night was wrong, brutal and for that the government and those in power should be held accountable. Continue reading “Knowing Babanomics…”

The joke is on us. . .

I still remember talking with a friend, after I watched the hit movie ‘Rang De Basanti’ [starring Aamir Khan] about why I didn’t like the movie. The point of my debate was, in a democracy like Bharat, hurting innocent sitting on peaceful protest and killing them by declaring them terrorist does not happen. We are not living under the British rule, and a democratic government should not and could not pull anything like this. Today I stand corrected, it happens and it happens in world’s largest democracy, India. Continue reading “The joke is on us. . .”

Pirates on Stranger Tides…

I am late by a week for this post; this review should have been posted on last Friday. Anyways I watched Pirates of the Caribbean – On stranger Tides last Sunday and guess long absence from writing movie reviews is the reason for delay. The reason of absence is not that I am not watching movies, I am every weekend, weekday; anytime when I get time and the frequency is at its peak. I am beating my record of extended summer vacations of 2003 (the one after 10th class exams, during these three months  only thing which I did in scorching heat was watch movies at home). Continue reading “Pirates on Stranger Tides…”

Lets hope it do. . .

I never thought I would see the light of this day. On 14th of this month, I officially completed my first year of full time working. This was the year in which I did nothing else, but work. Although I had thought of writing this post earlier many times, but typing down something about which you are not clear about, is not easy. I am not sure, if finishing the college has been a high point of my life or not? Because most of the times I am upset rather than being happy. Continue reading “Lets hope it do. . .”

Short drop at Bhopal. . .

I started writing this post on my way back from Bhopal, but due to my laziness, a month of illness and most importantly the complacent behavior towards writing since I started working has delayed everything infinitely [but more on that later]. When Dr. Chandra [director CIAE, Centre Institute of Agriculture Engineering, Bhopal] invited me to stay at the institute campus during my visit to Bhopal, I couldn’t have been happier. Continue reading “Short drop at Bhopal. . .”

We need to Change!!!

CAG, JPC, CVC, CJI, CWG; all has a common ‘C’ of corruption. One after another there have been a sudden spurt in scams, and all of a sudden the common Bharatiya who never cared about country or the people running it, started talking about things which should have been point of discussions long ago; better late than sorry. Continue reading “We need to Change!!!”

The Kerala Wedding!!!

When the self declared writer inside me stops working I figured it is time to go to the basics. You know sitting late at night after no one is around and there is not much to do either. I don’t know exactly what but there is something at night which works for me. Anyways I will not get into the same details again, if you want to get to that story then check it out at ‘The odd hour affair’. Continue reading “The Kerala Wedding!!!”

Thought for Food!!!

For someone like me, who had never been to South India before, travelling there was like exploring a different country. People look different, they speak different language, they dress differently, they have different culture, the food is different, billboards have different faces, climate is different and had it not been to the general piles of garbage, broken roads, chaos and the usual crowd it is impossible to make out that you are still in India. Continue reading “Thought for Food!!!”

Gods Own Country!!!

Writing about travel escapades, is the only thing which is keeping me linked with writing these days. They are easy to write, you have lot of material on hand, and if actually you did some research before writing it, then it was on vacation. All in all I see no reason why I shouldn’t become a travel writer; but then let us save it for some other time. Anyways this one is about a short trip to God’s own Country, Kerala. Continue reading “Gods Own Country!!!”

Hoist the Colours High!!!

It is a bit relaxed in the office today, as all the bosses has gone to company’s factory to mark its annual day. Anyways that’s not the point why I am writing this, it certainly is the point why I am writing this at this hour. A friend in the morning told me that BJP has gone crazy; just for meagre political gains they are disrupting peace in the country. Congress is doing right in arresting and stopping. You know BJP want to hoist the Tricolour at Lal Chowk in Srinagar on the Republic Day. Continue reading “Hoist the Colours High!!!”

Life in Mauritius…

Travelling is all about getting the feel of the place, more about living the experience. Not just visiting the so called ‘tourist attractions’. When you are there, everywhere is a tourist attraction, you just need to start looking for it. The first step is to get out of the rented cars and cabs, and get in the local mode of transport, one which the people uses, because unless you live the life the way they do, you cannot live the actual experience the way it is. So on my way back from Sky Dive Austral, I took a bus to Port Louis. Continue reading “Life in Mauritius…”