Life in Mauritius…

Travelling is all about getting the feel of the place, more about living the experience. Not just visiting the so called ‘tourist attractions’. When you are there, everywhere is a tourist attraction, you just need to start looking for it. The first step is to get out of the rented cars and cabs, and get in the local mode of transport, one which the people uses, because unless you live the life the way they do, you cannot live the actual experience the way it is. So on my way back from Sky Dive Austral, I took a bus to Port Louis. Continue reading “Life in Mauritius…”

Sea is Salty!! Air is Cool & Dry!!

After so many days I felt like writing, probably this is my second post after getting into job stuff. People says “ naukri wale logo ki zindagi badi confined rehti hai, week days (9 to 5) and on week end total aaram “.I agree to it but partially, as I like to move out of confinement and that is why on most of the weekends I never stayed at home. It’s been six long months since I joined this organization said to be an MNC and I never realized how fast time travels. I felt couple of times to write on my training program but never got time to materialize my thoughts. Continue reading “Sea is Salty!! Air is Cool & Dry!!”