Point of No Return!!!

Its been almost a month since I made any post, it was not that I didn’t have anything to talk about, but lets just say I was not in the mood, after all college is going to end.

In year 2004 after I gave my high school examinations I knew it’ll be a new beginning, I was sad about leaving school but was more excited about joining the college. I remember so many of my friends always talked about how they miss the school life and how great it was. Yes it was, but college was a whole new world and to be very frank I never actually missed school.

Three years of my grad college were undoubtedly the best period of my life, and not for once I was really sad of college getting over, as the only thought after completing my graduation was the masters and it was more like a transition from one college to another. But since the day I have had my MBA farewell the thought of college coming to an end makes me sad, really sad.

Taking admission in Amity was my decision, a reckless one based on many mistakes and no solid grounds. It was a result of many missed opportunities and on n number of occasions I have felt so pissed on being in this college.

The way things are done here, how most of the teachers work, how the daily business is based upon just few tricks and no merit. How students here are over smart and try to think of others as fool etc etc. Not just me but for the majority this was not what they had hoped for and expected it to be. Dreams broken, hopes shattered, disappointed by teachers, betrayed by friends. In two years the amount of deterioration I personally suffered, I don’t think I have witnessed it before. All the zeal to work was lost and the enthusiasm to participate was killed by the multiple working standards. Each time any of us thought of moving forward, each time we were disheartened. Everyone complain about it and most are happy that the stint with this college is about to get over. But still it is sad.

When I took admission in college I had never thought that this life will ever end. I never imagined a life without college. Even during the year when I dropped, supposedly preparing for MBA entrance, it was college life for me only. Hanging in the campus, having fun with friends, that’s it. But now the thought that on 21st April my college days will be over and I won’t be a student anymore has taken me by total surprise. I don’t want to leave college just want to be there only, no matter if I was pissed of being there for complete two years. I know this is not a thought which most of us have, but yes it is a cherished one.

All those who are so happy of leaving the college, say it is just the friends that are missed and not the college, but whether like it or not, to all the cherished memories and regretted fights; all the lovely evenings and broken hearts one thing which was common was the college and sooner or later everyone will miss it. It was part of life and now all of a sudden it will be gone. I don’t know if it is fortunate or unfortunate but this is the point of no return, an end to a legend and beginning of a fable.   

P.S. This post do not take away my right to criticise and cribb about my college :P.

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  1. ths is best blog bcz v r in ths situation ryt nw…cn feel it…missing my coll. days more after reading it :( willnvr frgt these 2yrs specially last yr. 😀

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