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Past few days have been very happening and it felt as if I was missing all the action due to my in-activeness. It all began with the IPL auctioning in which Pakistani players were left out. Later Shahrukh Khan criticized the incident, Shiv Sena supremo Mr. Bal Thakrey in turn criticized Shahrukh Khan and threatened the release of another Khan’s crappy movie ‘My name is Khan’. Am just saying!

Khan then held a press conference and tried generating the sympathy wave by saying ‘my daughter is scared’ and then there were ‘n’ numbers of communities [all started by girls of course] condemning Thakreys because of their opinion on Khan. Sigh!!!

Personally I liked when they left Pakistani players all embarrassed. That was low, but cool; this is how country like Pakistan should be treated. I don’t know if all the teams did it intentionally, accidentally or under some instructions from the government. Although looking at the indecisive past record of our government, it is highly unlikely. Am just saying!

Then all of a sudden Shahrukh Khan wakes up in the middle of the night and realizes that it was wrong, Good Morning! Where were you till now? Why didn’t you take any for your team? Obviously if you will speak something pro-Pakistani in Mumbai, Thakrey accident will happen to you. And when you have a movie lined up for release near the Valentine’s Day it has to happen in a bigger way [Valentine’s Day is the time when Shiv Sena is overly proactive]. Luckily for Khan 14th Feb is just couple of days away and soon Sainiks will shift all their attention to the love birds.

I don’t think Khan was not aware of Thakreys living in Mumbai and their ways of doing things. Highly unlikely, but I wonder if it was all done to generate publicity for the actor just before the release of the movie. Am just saying!

Now Khan also has an opinion on the x-ray machines they have installed at London airport for frisking the passengers [you know the ones in which ‘all’ body parts are visible]. He said he was embarrassed to sign autographs on his x-ray images and anyone who is ‘not well endowed’ will be embarrassed. Is this why Khan you were embarrassed? Am just saying! And what your wise wisdom has to say about female passengers?

Khan is the same man who was furious on being stopped and questioned at US airport. I know this is wrong and the world should know the difference between Indians and terrorists. Terrorists hate America, we Indians love America; we have 1.2 billion fellow Indians to hate, why bother America for that. Am just saying!

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