All back to normal, allll isz well!!!

Came Friday the 12th and went by; Sharukh’s ‘My Name is Khan’ released with pack houses and a big smile on his face. No interruption from Shiv Sena, praise for the Maharashtra CM and of course big grin on all the anti Thakrey communities on facebook, orkut, myspace. Continue reading “All back to normal, allll isz well!!!”

Am just saying!

Past few days have been very happening and it felt as if I was missing all the action due to my in-activeness. It all began with the IPL auctioning in which Pakistani players were left out. Later Shahrukh Khan criticized the incident, Shiv Sena supremo Mr. Bal Thakrey in turn criticized Shahrukh Khan and threatened the release of another Khan’s crappy movie ‘My name is Khan’. Am just saying! Continue reading “Am just saying!”