Writing and Sabbatical???

Writing is a continuous process. As long as you are dong it you are good; but when you go on a break, you break a flow and getting back into this flow is easier said then done.

Till date I haven’t figured out what actually the big shot writers do on their sabbaticals and how they manage to return after such long ones. For me, returning from a week’s break is a big task and if you might have noticed this time it’s been 3.

During the continuous writing days no matter what time is it or where I am; no matter what am I doing, at every moment my mind is actually thinking about the next post material which I am getting from there. What will I call this post, what exactly I will talk about in it, in which category this will fall? My mind continuously received signs from all around about next post. But once on the so called ‘sabbatical’ my thought process actually becomes numb and it is very difficult to think straight [do not draw too many conclusions, just take it literally] and put thoughts in line. When this sabbatical becomes longer than the usual, then even thinking becomes a big task.

However, for this long break I won’t blame my old pal ‘Writer’s block’ which keeps on paying me a visit every now and then [despite the fact that we all know about my zilch writing prowess]. I guess this time I had actually became a little bored and tired with all the writing. Although am not much of a daily blogger, but don’t know why, I actually didn’t feel like writing. Somehow my mind stopped responding to all the signs I was getting, I stopped thinking about writing and I stopped writing.

But during this one short sabbatical [if I may call it so] I realized that writing is something without which the stuff in the basement doesn’t get the passage to get out. It keeps on piling on within and you keep on wasting more time and energy in keeping it there. But by the time the realization came, it was too late. Coming back from the sabbatical had already became difficult.

So this is one desperate attempt [yet again] to put the thinking cap on and come up with something which makes sense. Till then lets hope the whole thought process also gets straighten up.

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