Phrases Of The Past

After quiet a long time I got some thing to write on, generally I love to write something practical. Also you need to be bit care full as you might be knowing to what happened to one of the prominent writers of this blog. Any how this time I will be talking about famous phrases that has been used from centuries till now and there context/ relevance in this materialism spreaded all over. It was a discussion over my career [as u got to be checking your contacts for back up , placement season is on ] then suddenly there was shift over how things are proceeding these days , not for a particular category but for all . Since our childhood we have been listening number of phrases which our elders asks us to apply in our daily life but now its time question yourself [ do they really apply today?] ,basically there is need to reevaluate and modify such phrases . These phrases formed the core of discussion. Continue reading “Phrases Of The Past”


An earlier post which I had written ‘Catch-10’ was about my MBA college. I wrote the post in good humour, by making the fun of the college. When I wrote the post it was just to have a good laugh.

But I realize that the post have actually hurt the feelings of my teachers. My intentions were never to hurt my teachers or DG Sir. I have huge amount of respect for him, all the teachers and my college.

Still this is to apologize for hurting the feelings of my teachers, DG Sir, DC Sir and our Dean.