Brand Ambassadors – How do they help?

Switching on the TV and watching celebrities promoting various products and brands is a regular deal. The trend of impressing the celebrities promoting a product and boasting about its usability have stopped affecting me. I can’t make up as to where do the sense of business lies by choosing to invest so much money in placing a popular face with their product.

It seems as if businessmen have much more confidence in the celebrity promoting his service rather than the quality of their own product. I don’t know how many people have switched to Reliance or Aircel connections after watching Hrithik and Dhoni featuring in the advertisements.

I am well aware about the need and importance of proper marketing and advertising when today competition in market is going fierce. Undoubtedly a popular face can fetch initial benefits to the businessmen but will lose customers if the quality of its products is suffered. This is due to the lack of funds invested in quality check as the funds have already been invested in introducing a famous celeb in the advertisement. For a celebrity, being a brand ambassador and charging high is obviously a profitable deal but what about the common buyer who is left to take up the burden in the form of increased cost that is includes the adjustment of amount spend on their brand personality.

It is an unarguably accepted fact that a grand introduction of a fresh product can be only bring to notice when it gets promoted by a well-liked face. But if the buyer thinks of investing the same amount of money in improving the quality of his product then also a high customer loyalty is expected.

As I stated above, the Aircel has gained popularity as a new introduction in the row of already established mobile sim connections. After such a grand opening, this brand has served nothing else than disappointment to the subscribers. The things don’t really work out the best way if a brand is backed by a popular face. A businessman will be counted sensible if he balances his sense of marketing and product quality improvement on an equally level.

2 thoughts on “Brand Ambassadors – How do they help?”

  1. Celebrity faces have definitely started appealing lesser and lesser to me as well.. although I would like to add that there is a major population in our country who still do like to associate themselves with celebrities be it through only using the product they promote, so I guess it is not a bad advertising proposition still.. and coming to Aircel, I think it was rather a strategic launch that they acquired as Dhoni can reach out to millions at a go, and when it comes to their product.. its not bad at all.. so agree with you on the flooding of celebrity faces during commercial breaks.. but as for Aircel, I would say.. let’s wait and watch..

  2. moreover getting a celebrity in is more about brand recognition these days, as soon as u see the celebrity you relate the product with him/her; an important aspect of advertising.

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