Whenever I see people in the west availing of the things like 911 and other such things , I think why does these things not operate in India? If you think these things are actually very important. I do not think that there are any valid reason why people in India cannot avail of these things .

There are certain cases that actually made me think about it . I watched it in a news a couple of months or maybe a couple of years ago , that a family got trapped in the middle of flowing water . How did they get trapped? Well there was a sudden rush of water. They were travelling by car and their car was surrounded by water .They were travelling not expecting these things . They to avoid that water that was seeping into their car got onto the roof of the car. But it so happened that the water reached the roof of the car .Suddenly the boy in the family fell into the water . The father seeing this jumped into the water . The mother and a daughter remained on the roof . After a couple of minutes they too each fell into the water . This incident was covered by the television channels . There were people around the people in the car.But there was not one person who could rescue them . It does not feel good . There were many people attempting to reach to the car but the currents were too strong and the people who wanted to reach to the car , could not think of jumping into the water .

What I think now is , there were a great many people watching this family .Could not one go and inform other people who could rescue these people ? Maybe there were a couple of people who went there but then if the people or the respective authorities were informed, why could not they rescue them ? Just a helicopter to pull them out of their situation would have sufficed. Cannot the Indian Government afford a helicopter to rescue it’s citizens ?

Why cannot people in India have the services of things like the 911? I will not accept that India cannot afford it .Of course India can afford these things . But the thing is people here do not realise it’s importance . “This is India” is the reply people would get most of the time if you question them why certain things are wrong in India.I think that is wrong. People must feel ashamed to say this .

India has the capacity and the potential to maintain things like 911.It is very disturbing to know that the people who are secure in this country are the privileged. The people who are not privileged do not have much chances of being secure . This is very disturbing.

I do not think that any race is superior or inferior .For me all human beings are created equal. But when I see the people in the west having such great facilities, not only 911, there are other things that they have that are really great things to avail of as a citizen , I cannot control myself accepting , though a little reluctantly that yes, they are a superior race . Indians are so caught up with other issues that they forget the things that they should actually think about .

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