Law – How Much It Goes For Law Protectors??

Well I’m completely pissed of hearing and reading discussions about passing laws and their proper execution. Whatever law is passed is highlighted to be for the benefit of citizens. Also Indian government thinks that whatever law has been passed whether being executed and respected is properly looked after by the appointed security officers and corps. They are expected to look after their proper follow up.

Today morning while I was in bus,, I got stuck in traffic. There occurred an accident in which a police van hit a scooter and the scooter driver was hurt badly. His forehead was bleeding but was arguing with the policeman. Everyone knew that the khaki person was at fault but he in spite of apologizing and taking him to the hospital was scolding him for not driving safely. The last statement the policeman made indicated that if the injured would not stop arguing he would be immediately arrested and fined.

Such a great disgust!! I never felt this early but it was certainly something completely disappointing of a person who is expected and appointed to help every citizen in trouble. This made me think of what is the probable reason of them taking law as a joke. It seems that the power given to them is completely misused and they are no less than any other criminal moving in society.

I have heard and seen incidences where corps participates in eve teasing and feeling absolutely free in doing so. This is just because they feel as if laws do not go for them and they are just there to play with the rules and regulation passed by the constitution. Certain other examples are the increasing cases of bribery which is very much prevalent in society.they are corrupt and money minded.

I don’t understand why is such great major responsibility of protection of laws has been given to such irresponsible shoulders? Those who fail to respect laws themselves, how will they be able to keep an eye on their proper follow up..This is something left unanswered till date..

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