India has the highest population as compared to many other countries that we find in the world . The high population is a thing that India is trying to control . But ironically we see that in India sex is considered a taboo. People in India are not that open when it comes to talking about or discussing about sex.

India I think is filled with hypocrites. I am not being able to change my perception no matter how hard I want to . Women here are raped, molested , eve teased and what not. These things are not taboos , but when it comes to sex , well decent people do not talk about sex. I think people should cross this hypocritical level of decency and actually talk about sex , so that their children do not get misguided and fall prey to the wrong side of sex. Why do you think there is such a great number of rape happening in India ? I will not in any way comment on the dressing sense of the women because women in sarees , churidaars and other decent clothes are not spared ;and if there are men who cannot control their urge to have sex if they see a woman in skirts or half pants I think they require a proper mental check up . Men in other countries do not behave in a way that men here in India do . Why do the people here in India behave this way?

In their attempt to be ‘decent’, people in India have a great lot of things in their indecent list .That way what happens they have a frustration growing in them which when it reaches it’s peak , that person does things that are actually anti social . Let me give an example . I have seen many families where the women are not allowed to have male friends or have a love marriage . Why? I think interacting with the opposite sex is very crucial for a person. Having male friends would bring a bad name to the family , so what happens in this process that decent girl from a decent family ends up making friends outside her decent family and friends. As she does not want to tell her parents about it ,she does not tell anyone . This decent girl because she was not given the freedom falls prey to the wrong person . The family name might in such extreme cases do not remain decent for long . The same is the case with boys.

Do you think that not talking about sex or accepting it do not make people to actually do it ? There are a great many cases of teenage pregnancy in India. But we will not talk about sex . We are decent .

This is really ironical . I want that people in India should take sex as a thing that is not an out of the world thing .The children in India should be given the freedom to have a proper sexual growth . What I mean here is that these young people should be given the proper awareness about sex and must be given the proper freedom to interact with the other sex. They would anyhow. It is better that they are given the freedom .

If you want a society free from anti social elements , it is very important that the people are given a proper social set up to grow and develop. Just avoiding a thing thinking that it would go away do not give a solution . People must accept the fact that human beings are sexual beings and there is nothing wrong in it .
I could not control myself from highlighting the fact that there is such a huge hue and cry about legalising gay marriages in India .Alright , you do not want people to be gay /lesbians and you do not want people to be straight either!!! Men and women interacting is bad , talking about sex is bad , love marriages are bad , women wearing skirts are bad .I think this is illogical.

It is time that Indian people started to think like people having logical minds. I would like to say here that I am not generalising about all Indians . But the people I have got the opportunity to know who has such a thinking process.

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