Ghosts – For Me They Exist

In my college or school days whenever I used to have a discussion about the existence of ghosts and supernatural powers, I used to defend my strong opinion about the myths associated to these wrong notions of ghosts and spirits.

But one incident in my life turned back the whole scene and made be believe that actually there is something that does not leave us alone. It was a summer afternoon and my parents were out for some work and I was left alone at home. I had some projects to do and I was working on them. The sudden electric cut disturbed my work and I realized that there was something moving in the corridor.

As I started walking in the direction where the voice was coming from, I never expected that the scene is going to be so scary. There was an image that was moving in the air and was giving me a continuous stare. I got hypnotized and thought that it was just an illusion. A sudden jerk to my mind woke me up and I rushed into the kitchen. I was frightened to notice that two of the similar looking images were working there creating loud noises with the kitchen utensils. Suddenly one of the images turned back and I recognized that she was my neighbor, Aunt Martha. I got fainted…

Next thing I remember was that I was in my bed and was informed about the sudden death of my neighbor, who met an accident the same afternoon I went through the daunting incident.

In this modern and advanced era where everything is technically upgraded, people living in top-notch epoch, do not feel convinced with the fact that ghosts actually exist. Due to the lack of evidences this belief is regarded as an unscientific and baseless notion. Having an educated background where science states there is nothing like ghosts, it become hard for them to believe and easy for them to state that this notion lacks scintilla truth..

Then, what about those who report about the incidents of seeing apparitions, hearing disembodied voices, and allege that they have seen things moving on their own? For hard core science believers, I understand that these proofs will not be enough to accept the idea that ghost actually exists. But yes they do accept that human body is accompanied by a soul and there is a scientific study attached to support this fact. This is the weight of a body reduces after few seconds of one’s death that hints missing up of soul from the body.

Many paranormal investigators have come up with some interesting theories that have further supported the existence of ghost and spirits that makes it sound real and convincing. I strongly believe that they are absolutely real and are around us every time. I’m not afraid as per my opinion some of the spirits are not there to harm us and are just waiting to get the liberation. The good spirits help us and bad one’s make us to call them ‘ghosts’..

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