Sex Education In India –Why Oppose???

At present times, where we come across repeated rape cases and legal claims of physical harassment, Sex Education is a crucial matter to be considered.

Many people and legislation members oppose the idea of sex education and have strong views about it being immoral and against the norms of social behavior. As per their opinion they consider that sex education is something that will might incline the students to actually indulged in exploring more about it. One of their prime objections about delivering sex education in schools is that it overlooks the social and cultural limitations in the society. Well as per my opinion this idea is absolutely ludicrous and absurd as sex education hold strong grounds to be included as a study subject in schools. Well the idea I’m talking about is not something that has come out of the blue but I have strong points to justify my opinion about this idea of including sex education in schools.

In this ongoing debate, my idea is in favor of providing sex education in school as I strongly oppose their ways of dealing with things. Our legislation believes in ignoring a problem as it does not exist and is in case it exists they feel it will be solved magically. I think the people who are against the idea of providing sex education in school are not aware of the fact that after Africa, India has the highest record of rape case incidences. Not even a single day goes when we do not hear about the rape cases or read in newspapers about molestation and sexual assault.

Over-strict and conservative parents do not allow their progeny to get exposed to even the basics of sex education that results in some dangerous consequences. Poor kids when become the victim of this immoral and shameful act learn it with a ‘practical demonstration’. The problem that leads to such happening according to them is just the excessive interaction with the opposite sex which is considered as sinful and alarming.

I often wonder how do such people survive with this kind of mind set?? What is their culture is all about?? Is it about the fact that Kama Sutra in the history of India has been seen as the major influence or is it about the statues of Alanta and Ellora that are far more unsocial than the couples kissing at a public place. Many people here put forth their strong view about the western culture where everyone goes sleeping around with everybody else. But they are well aware about the STD (sexually transferred diseases) as compared to teenagers here in India… Willingly sleeping partners can never be forbidden in India but yes the ones who become accidental victims of this disgraceful crime can be saved if they can understand what they are going through at time of such incidences…

Physical assaults is one the social realities that is being supported by the blissful ignorance of the culture and society conscious parents.


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