Students Reservation Quota – Is It Fair????

Reservation quota is commonly practiced way of helping SC/ST students in getting admission in the top and high quality education institutes and universities. Is it justified to snatch the bright career opportunities of the deserving candidates who couldn’t get a seat in the top rated institutes just because the seats are reserved for the students coming from backward classes?

As per my opinion this absolutely fair and I’m strongly against the idea of quota seats. This is not because the SC/ST students are not deserving but they are less deserving than those who stand at 96 percentile and compete with just a fraction of percentage to get seat into the top institutes like IIM’s and IIT’s. These centers are considered to be the ultimate destination of those students who dream of having a great kick start of their career once they are passed out from these institutes.

There’s a long list of losers who suffer and are forced to look in some B grade institutes to search for a career option. Let’s check out who loses in the game of quota reservation.

The general class students suffer a lot due to the reservation policy set by the UPA Government. Every seat offered to a less deserving candidate belonging to the quota category, is just like penalizing a deserving candidate from the general class. But the politics of reservation is out of his control.

Not only students but the universities also bear loss in their goodwill when due to the cruel game of reservation quota they are bound to compromise with the quality of their students. The major section of education lessons is here taught by the close interactive sessions among the students and if the quality of students is mismatched it will imply great loss to lessons here.

The admission of low quality students’ result in the decline of the quality of learning output among their students who carry out the team projects and case studies. The consequences form of decline in the reputation of these institutes is what they have to go through ultimately.

Society is also not left untouched from its negative impact. In this state of economic crisis, Indian economy needs support of competent and technical personnel which can only be expected to get from these A-grade institutes. Compromising with the quality of students here definitely means restriction on the supply of these competent grads and loss of Indian companies.

The saddest part of the story is that even the students who get to make to these institutes also remain in loss even after getting an IIM or IIT degree. Their ultimate aim of getting a god job after passing out from these institutes fails as the companies remain unsatisfied with the quality of work they give and make them put their hands on some efficient students holding a B grade institute degree. This automatically results in waste of some significant time for these students and waste of a valuable seat in the quality institutes.




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