Always smile; It increases your face value!!!

Always smile; it increases your face value! Every now and then I come across this phrase at various places; especially in form of poster on walls of friend’s rooms, doctor’s clinic, some teachers ‘chamber’, staff rooms and many more.During my grad days I realized that the above saying is actually right [one of the most popular girls in grad had this smiling face]. It may sound simple but always smiling is not an easy task to accomplish. Nonetheless after years of practice, I try to maintain a smiling face most of the times [when am out; back in home it’s the normal frustrated kind of look].

But you know what; always smile simile doesn’t hold good, most of the times.

We all know about instances when we are not supposed to laugh or smile, due to the gravity of situation [it is not considered good manners]; but here am talking about times when there is no written code which debars you from smiling.

Like in grad, you are standing with your friends in the college corridor, chit-chatting and off-course smiling. Then a cute girl passes by [whom you don’t know] and if you are looking at her then don’t smile. For one she’ll definitely be cursing you [due to her obvious interpretation of that smile] moreover your friends standing along will not let you live in peace for the entire college life if they see you smiling to her.

Smiling face problem [while some girl in proximity] is not limited to Grad College. Out in open you become more vulnerable. Every time you smile to a girl on road, in metro, malls, restaurant you will receive the nastiest of look and some cursing [audible enough so that you can make out what she meant].

The problem is not confided to girl proximity only. During the lecture of some frustrated teacher who happens to have a weird accent; or who’s always cribbing about something; or who is master of all and keeps on singing songs of self praise, see’s your usual always smile look then sooner or later the question will arise why are you laughing? Am I telling some joke here? Shut up!

But these are all trivial matters. The real test of your seriousness in appreciating the gravity of situation is during your exams. In the examination hall you are suppose to keep mum, look tense, maintain a serious ‘o-o-o’ face and not supposed to smile especially to your ‘side-wallahs’ or while your way back from a loo break. A smiling face [even if you know all the answers] makes the invigilator very suspicious. The visiting bond invigilator will point out you and will definitely make some comment if you are maintaining the always smiling face. Those who thinks of themselves as even bigger bonds will ask the invigilator on duty [in open] to keep an eye on you because the exam is on and you are smiling.

Even if the bond thing doesn’t happens, the invigilator will not let you go out on water or loo break. To top it all if you also support my kind of examination look [long hair and beard] then things will only get worse. Trust me during the first two exams I sat thirsty [in crouching heat] for 3 hours, a prize for trying to increase my face value; better watch out but keep on smiling it increases your face value J

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