No Sense Ain’t Non Sense!!!

I am always excited about the comments and feedbacks about my post. Every time I write a new one, for the first 3 days [opening weekend] I keenly anticipate special remarks, comments or criticism [you know something like my phone ringing non stop; people congratulating me on the post; site’s server getting down due to heavy traffic, people killing to read the new post and stuff like that]. But [to my dismay and God knows whose delight] it never happen.

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Aur Suna!!!

Roti once told me, talking on phone is not a hobby but an addiction; I take his word for it. When I see people glued to their mobile phones for hours, I wonder what exactly they talk about. Am totally clueless, what matters are being discussed on daily basis atleast once in a day, many times twice or even thrice. They must be discussing some serious business, matters of life and death that’s for sure [they must be; people actually miss lecture after lecture to discuss them]. Perhaps solution to the Indo-Pak dispute, or analyzing how Obama won [we got an assignment on Obama; rumor is our DG is writing a book on him and to ease things for himself he gave this assignment to 900 students].

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Outlander. . .

When I go to watch these Hollywood movies alongwith some friend [whom I always have to pursue till death to come] I pray to God it turns out to be a good one [so that I’ve readily available partner next time] but my prayers are seldom heard. And this week it is the second time they are rejected. If bedtime stories alone was not sufficient to satisfy never dying hunger of bad movies then this week’s ‘Outlander’ might just do the trick.

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