Misleading Realities

times it happens that you are very confused , you tend to go for things you are very sure of but second voice of your inner conscience obstructs your way. Same is going on with me from last couple of days. Pursuing MBA is not difficult , I ‘d rather say easy if one gets the trick early [Look busy, take it easy!!!] but the future beyond is very uncertain. People around me were busy making their groups for their respective fields [Marketing , Finance, HR] as if they know what they have to select for their future, unlike me as my mind was playing Sea saw between Marketing & HR. This is not because of a blurred thought about future but because of new opportunities coming to me on daily basis. I know its better to take HR if you are going for your own work and marketing if you are interested for a job , so heart goes for HR each time question arises but mind says marketing will be fine to get a good job ,with lesser risk than HR. Even the nearest and dearest one’s can mislead, their advises can land you up in the centre of big problem with no proper solution to it. It happens quiet often these days ,when I ask the vise people about the situation they tell me to choose the one with lesser risk involved and very next day asks me to go for business opportunities directly [high risk].

Earlier when I was aspiring for MBA , I used to think being an MBA is something , which will provide me with sure and definite future but as on today the reality has changed. Things around me are going pretty fast to understand what exactly is going on?

In this situation I can only pray that everything goes alright and if some rescue team can pull me out of the sea.

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