B-Schools and Lappy’s

When I first get to know about the B school culture I was in eleventh standard [that was around the end of 2002] and I was amused to know that IIPM was giving a free laptop to every student. Thought of a student carrying personal laptop was astonishing [as in my opinion then, only successful professionals and doctors carried one. Dad got his first in October 2002 and my maternal uncle is an IT entrepreneur]. I never understood what these ‘would be’ managers will be doing with theirs?

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Why look to West?

The day ‘Roti’ posted that comment on the Slumdog post http://www.zhagdoo.com/2009/01/17/india-only-about-slums-sums-to-scramble/ I wanted to write this post there and then only. The comment in itself is mega one and floats a new idea. It answered all the why’s which appeared in the Slumdog post towards the end, and this post is nothing but meager elaboration of Roti’s comment. So plagiarism here can be overlooked I suppose.

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The Great Writer’s Bloc

Well, Here i am sitting in front of my wide screen Samsung monitor, logged into my Editor account at Zhagdoo. Thinking that do i deserve to be an editor? no post for almost a year “My last was dated 9 February 2008” Talking about then hot issue Racism. Go give it a read Are Indians Racist. Continue reading “The Great Writer’s Bloc”


Life is like a roller coaster.u sit in it and see the world differently from different angles.When its smooth u feel as if its going great and u enjoy it, but the moment it takes turns,u feel life’s going haywire and get scared.you want that moment to disappear , to let things come back to their normal self.But it takes time…it takes time for the coaster to come back to its position or should i say for the life to get eased up.the most important aspect of it is to remember the law of gravity; whatever goes up comes down.Likewise our life is also full of up and down swings.We need to be patient and persistent in our actions , without letting go of our faith in god, and believe me ;things do take shape.

We should be ready to accept troubles and happiness with the same ease and pleasure.at times I used to feel what is the purpose of living.And one day i realised that since god chose us to become human beings and gave this beautiful gift called life to us, he thinks that u r the Chosen one! so we must take extra care of this pure,delicate and precious gift gifted to us by the Almighty.

In the end I would just like to thank god for bringing me into this beautiful(ok a real bad) world and giving me the realtionships i  treasure.

Misleading Realities

times it happens that you are very confused , you tend to go for things you are very sure of but second voice of your inner conscience obstructs your way. Same is going on with me from last couple of days. Pursuing MBA is not difficult , I ‘d rather say easy if one gets the trick early [Look busy, take it easy!!!] but the future beyond is very uncertain. People around me were busy making their groups for their respective fields [Marketing , Finance, HR] as if they know what they have to select for their future, unlike me as my mind was playing Sea saw between Marketing & HR. Continue reading “Misleading Realities”

The 6 to 9 show. . .

I guess the timing for this post can’t be any better. In the New Year post we talked about drinking, so let us continue it in this first 6 to 9 show of the year 2009. I won’t be talking about the place where I am sitting right now, as it is not about it or its ambience; but about the people in front of me.

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India; Slums sums to Scramble???

In today’s Hindustan Times there is an article by Ms. Namita Bhandare about the much talked movie Slumdog Millionaire directed by Danny Boyle. I wanted to provide you with a link to the story, but of all the newspaper’s website, Hindustan Times has the worst.

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I Love Delhi. . .

Some one has rightly said,”It is easier to criticize a thousand things than to appreciate a single thing”, and this adage is more than proved when people are asked for their opinion(s) about Delhi. Their responses range from lambasting the city on its unsafe conditions, to (de)crediting it with being the crime capital of India, from ridiculing it for being an epitome of Red Tapism and bureaucratic delays, to publicizing its maximum rudeness quotient and severe lack of patience amongst its denizens and finally from predicting its explosion on account of its crumbling infrastructure to impugning its people for their devil-may-care attitude! Indeed, but isn’t this true of other cities as well? Then why blame Delhi?

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life in hong kong

since its my first post i am a little nervous.kindly excuse my mistakes since i am a novice.I thought of starting my blog by sharing my experience of living in asia’s world city where life never stops.Hong Kong is Asia’s financial hub and people here are workaholics.they love to work and party to the fullest.Every morning you can see hongkongers on their foot (literally) rushing towards their workplace.The crowd at the MTR(metro)is worth watching.It seems as a scene straight from Men(and Female)in Black.Carrying their office backpacks, a glass of coffee and some food packed in white tissue, they all seem engrossed.The high skyrises in Central area boast off their beautiful architecture and takes pride to make Hong kong’s skyline the best in the world.After 9.30 in the morning everything seems to be moving  at a normal pace .But let the clock stuck one and again its time for the city to move…People flung to all the nearby restaurants,coffee shops, chinese eateries and of course smoking zones….you can get that stinking smell (of flesh of varied kinds including pig,duck ,duckling,chicken,etc) coming from all nooks of the streets. Continue reading “life in hong kong”

Back after a long time…

It’s been a REALLY long time since I made a post here [3 months and 4 days to be exact], and what follows is a meek attempt at an explanation as to why there was such a long gap. As you all know, I study in MAIT, one of the premier engineering institutions in Delhi, which is under the Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University. In my last post, I talked about my experience of my first exams. Little did I know that after that, all I would do at my college was take exams. Continue reading “Back after a long time…”

New Year; New Beginning 2009!!!

Happy New Year fellas! Unlike last year, I won’t take 12 days to make a post this time. But like last year, I am again clueless about exactly what this post should be? Like last year there are again so many things to talk; the New Year resolutions or the celebrations. Everyone was upset about the celebrations this time [read the disc, restaurant and pub etc owners]; due to slowdown the business was a little sluggish. But there is no point in talking about the two, as I had already rejected them last year. Still if you are interested then you can refer to my last year’s New Year post http://www.zhagdoo.com/2008/01/12/new-year-new-beginning/. So what this post is about? I haven’t actually figured it out yet.

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