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After continuous beating for 20 minutes my hand is now feeling the strain. Don’t draw too many conclusions, its just coffee [me and Akshat, my room mate felt the urge of a hot cup of milk which eventually gets quenched by coffee]. Am again sitting at this odd hour with my laptop and a cup of cappuccino in my cozy room, so its time to blurt out some stuff which wont make much sense, but should keep coming out every now and then [the thought provoking and hot cappuccino axiom].

Travelling in Noida is a big task, as most of the roads are blocked, courtesy ‘Men at work’ [all the never ending government projects]. On our way to watch Quantum of Solace [don’t ask how was it? Check out the review I posted] we had to take a detour. This road goes along a sewerage canal on one side and slums on the other. On the road my friend said ‘Dirty India, poor India ekdum eyaun’ [referring to Circuit’s dialogue in Munnabhai MBBS]. As soon as we laughed he snapped back we should not be making fun and at the same time I saw a boy of around my age working at a construction site.

As expected this made me think. What is it special about me that am riding a Karizma to watch Quantum of Solace, thinking about R15 and girls while doing rubbish talks? What is his fault? Why is he working so hard to get food and is still being laughed at by people like me? What have I done to be here and why he should not be in my place? Do I really deserve all this?

At times after looking at the disparity and suffering around, it ain’t feels right, sometimes dejection too. But nothing is done about it; all the sorrow and lows are lost within fraction of seconds. Why? If we don’t take pain to change it, then why are we bothered, for whatever brief time?

As always I don’t have answers to these questions! As always sitting at this hour with a hot cappuccino, all this sounds very thought provoking. And as always it will be lost even before I know.

P.S. after thinking for some time, I don’t know what should be the title for this post; so left it like this . . . .

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  1. Dude..
    I will like to add something to your thought provoking post.
    Something similar happened with me when i rode my R15 with a friend for Quantum of solace(Went on Monday, It seems we two still watch the same movie though with different companion:-)) though i did not saw any construction site but what touched me was a kid may be 10 year younger yo me as a parking guy giving instructions to fellas like us to park our bikes and cars and that too at hour in which he should be in school and then people fighting with him over 10 bucks…a very common scene at Parking sites.
    It seemed very normal to me but then like in your case at some oddest of hour you feel pity and hope if anything could be done, all this thought remains for a moment and again you start blaming society and politics for plight of such people but do not try to Help them…
    i know this is very obvious bu it is TRUE

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