Labour Omni Vincet!!!

It was May 2007 when I last appeared in any exams [apart from all those entrance CAT, MAT types]. So after a gap of more than a year I’ll be giving them. From the month of December a new chapter of exams will begin in my life [although I have given all the internal class tests of 1st SEM, but they were hardly worthy of being called as exams].

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MarkFest 08!!!

He just asked the students sitting in the row ahead of mine to close their books. Tau [tau, literally meaning paternal side uncle, finds a versatile use in the northern India, in this case a senior of our college who I suppose will receive dual degree; one masters in business administration and other masters in sycophancy] is now standing [on our heads], pointing out students with open books, laptops or those talking. Well this is no exam going in which ‘Tau’ is playing the invigilator; this is Markfest-08 aka marketing meet.

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Flashbacks of a Fool. . .

If I had to write this movie’s review based upon my personal liking, in one line it is ‘avoid by all means’. But then it is always not about action, comedy, romance or thriller. Sometimes you have to digest the heavy emotional stuff in the basement which usually doesn’t make much sense. Not because it is senseless, but we are too naïve to understand it. I guess something like this happened in this case with me.

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. . . .

After continuous beating for 20 minutes my hand is now feeling the strain. Don’t draw too many conclusions, its just coffee [me and Akshat, my room mate felt the urge of a hot cup of milk which eventually gets quenched by coffee]. Am again sitting at this odd hour with my laptop and a cup of cappuccino in my cozy room, so its time to blurt out some stuff which wont make much sense, but should keep coming out every now and then [the thought provoking and hot cappuccino axiom].

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Quantum Of Solace. . .

Daniel Craig’s second Bond outing, ‘Quantum of Solace’ was eagerly awaited, not only by Bond fans but anyone with slightest of interest in action flicks. With ‘Casino Royale’ Craig gave a new image of brute killing machine to British superspy, who was earlier known for his sophisticated, subtle ways. It was liked by the viewers and so the saga continues in this installment as well.

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Hindon Trip. . .

This was supposed to be my 100th post, but a ‘Russian problem’ [soon you will get to know about it] made it 99th. A week in November and no post yet. Am sure you know the reason [the ‘Russian problem’ also contributed partially to the delay]. In all these days I wrote a review of ‘Body of Lies’ [which got deleted, courtesy Russian hacker, the above mentioned ‘Russian problem’] thinking it will be an end to the bloc, but no use [this is one desperate attempt, lets see what happens].

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