Diwali Day!!!

First of all Happy Diwali!

I had started with this post yesterday, but I guess the writer’s bloc didn’t let me finish it in time, sorry for the delay. So how was your Diwali? Am sure it must be good and you had great time celebrating it, so did I. Diwali is an important Hindu festival and is celebrated almost all over the country with great enthusiasm.

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Writer’s Bloc

It’s been some time since I posted anything. The last one was on 18th of this month, and it was written a few days before being posted. So in a nut shell over 10 days, and it is not because I was very busy or something [am never busy, sometimes I feel am the most vella person on this earth] its just that am not able to think what to write and what not.

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Greater Good Talk

www.greatergoodtalk.com launched!!!

After a year of blogging on www.zhagdoo.com, the brains behind it thought of taking the next step. With more than 100 posts on any and almost every topic, it was decided to work on things in a particular direction, which benefits everyone in some way or the other. This is where www.greatergoodtalk.com comes into picture.

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I Don’t Know, You Tell Me!

When the classes in the college continue till late in the evening, students complaint a lot! After every lecture they ask each other, how many more to go? And then answer the question themselves. Everyday everyone wish for the lectures to get over early, and luckily on few occasions all the prayers do get heard. Today is again the lucky day and am at my place by 5:30 p.m.

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Poor CM!!!

The city which was long ago labeled unsafe for women [by media], which recently saw serial blasts has witnessed another murder and this time of a journalist in broad [not day] night light. Not good for the image of national capital which these journalists have long being calling as crime capital. We will talk about that later, but first about our beloved CM. Continue reading “Poor CM!!!”