What Happens In Vegas

What happens in Vegas is a romantic comedy starring Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz as two mean, selfish and idiot people. It is supposed to be comic story about two entirely different people, who meet in very abnormal circumstances and end up together and how love blossoms between them.

This is the story of Jack Fuller [Ashton Kutcher] who is a happy go lucky guy not taking anything seriously and Joy MacNally [Cameron Diaz] who even plans the plan to do something. Fuller who is recently fired from the job by his own dad and Joy who is dumped by her boyfriend whom she was planning to get married to very soon, meet in Vegas and after one wild night they end up married next morning. The two are just about to bid adios to each other when Jack wins $3 million by Joy’s coin. None of them wants to let go off the money and begins desperate measures from the two to get other file for a divorce.

Well from this point the actual laugh riot is expected to begin, but unfortunately nothing much happens. The two does some of the dumbest things which do tickle the funny bone but just for few fractions of seconds. Then in the climax what will happen between the two is anybody’s guess.

Kutcher has done quite a few this kinds of roles now. So there is the same old expected expressions and everything. Moreover Diaz and Kutcher are totally lacking the romantic as well as comic chemistry, and quite a few times you think how can people be so stupid?

The saving grace for the movie comes in form of their best friends, played by Rob Corddry and Lake Bell. The two are actually doing justice to their roles, and provide the movie with few genuine moments to laugh about. On an ending note it is not the worst comedy that you would have seen, but it is neither among the best. A mediocre movie, with average performances entertaining upto very basic levels. So watch it if you don’t have anything else to do. 

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